Sew 2012 #009: A Not-so Annoying Skirt

I am terribly sorry to do this to you, but here is another pencil skirt from Simplicity 5259. I had started a little production line with these skirts, just to knock them out in the new year. Before I started sewing this one I thought it would be an Annoying Skirt. Why?

Well, the fabric was a length of curtain-backed fabric from an op shop for $2.50 (Not annoying.). I thought it would be easier to sew as I could skip on all sorts of things, like finishing raw edges, interfacing and twill tape around the waist. In a way I was right, I skipped all these things and it turned out fine (Not annoying.). But the fabric was such a pain to handle! (Annoying!) It has little drape, which suits the pattern just fine (Not annoying.), but working with it (Annoying!) and turning it around (Annoying!) and having the fabric bunch up next to the machine while I was sewing (Annoying!) negated the thrill of skipping so many steps (Annoying!)*.

Then there’s wearing it! Every time I stand from a chair I have to adjust it because the curtain backing prevents it sliding down to where it should (Annoying!), even while wearing a slip. Not to mention it’s quite loud (Annoying!) and a tad restrictive (Annoying!).

That’s 3 Not Annoyings to 8 Annoyings. Thus An Annoying Skirt.

However, after wearing it a few times I’ve found it to be not-so annoying, but still slightly annoying. Hence the Not-so Annoying Skirt.

* I also managed to sew one half of the invisible zip on the wrong way, which while annoying, doesn’t actually have as much to do with the skirt itself as it does my inability to stop when I started feeling sleepy 2 and a half hours ago. 😛

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