Sew 2012 #011: Dismal Success Dress

I love learning. It’s great. It keeps you going. Learning is also why you won’t see me modelling my latest creation:

Isn’t it lovely! What fun! Silly Morgan, just hem it up and you’re done! It’s wonderful!

No. It isn’t. It’s not. I’m not. It isn’t.

I’m lucky in that I can pull it over my hips. But I can’t do the zip up and even if I could, I’m am certain the moment I did that extra bendy-bend to sit in a car my not-that-generous behind would bust some puckering seams. Fortunately I found this out before I spent any more time sewing the lining together.

That’s not all. Something weird is going on with my pattern alterations. I had noticed when I sewed the BatFace is Back Dress cut from my same updated pieces, but by that stage I’d already got excited and cut this one. Lesson learned.

But wait, keep reading for the next 47 seconds and be amazed by our next disaster:


‘No!’ I hear you say, ‘That’s no mishap, that’s an expensive designer dress design feature!’ On another day I would agree with you, but today the twist wasn’t meant to happen and the rest of the dress doesn’t fit, so unfortunately it is not a design feature. However, considered it noted for future dresses – If only I could figure out how I managed to do it…

Finally, my invisible zipper installation was out by ONE WHOLE INCH on one side. That sucked. So I cut off the extra bit and sewed on. So my back neckline is now uneven. So what? 😀 Right now I’m enjoying all this learning with cheap fabric.

I was looking forward to this dress – I haven’t felt my Gothic colours shine for a while and was thinking this would be a marvellous way to trickle them back for the winter. And considering this cheap muslin was from a really rough skirt and cheap lining remnant, I’m still looking forward to this dress.

No point continuing with this dress now, I’m keen to get the pattern updated and cut out my next one. I have some catching up to do!

Stay happy!


Sew 2012 #010: BatFace is Back Dress

I am making the time to sew. I have to, for my own sanity. It’s only logical. Of course that doesn’t help as much as I’d like it to when things go a bit awry. But I remind myself: this is a learning process. Not everything is going to look fantastic.

Enter BatFace. No one knows who BatFace is. But BatFace certainly comes in handy when it comes time to take a photo in a contraption that isn’t exactly flattering in some other-worldly opinion. See case in point on New Year’s Eve.

A few names drifted around in my mind while making this dress. If you recognise it, it’s actually another attempt at Sew 2012 #004: Madly Happy Sunny Dress with the pattern alterations I wanted to make. Office Garden Flower Dress was one that was particularly cheesy. All in all I think the BatFace is Back Dress is fairly successful considering that my alterations were more or less spot on and I learned some new things.

What new things? Check this out:

This is my first lined dress! It was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be. That’s not to say I did it right though. Haha!

I also drafted a belt to add to the waist seam, which I’m pretty proud of:

So what wasn’t right? The mad method I used. As I focused on making the belt, I made the whole outer dress except the centre back seam and hem. Then I made the lining, again leaving the centre back seam and hem. Then when I tried to combine two I realised my mistake: If I sewed the armholes I would have no way of turning the dress to the right side! Oh well. This is a test dress anyway. The fabric was from that massive op-shop haul a few months ago. Carry on!

What to do about those armholes? Well, I figured the only thing to do was to finish sewing the centre back seam and hem, then turn the dress to the right way. Then I folded the raw edges of each armhole fabric and lining inwards and hand-basted them closed. After that, I top-stitched the two folded edges together. The end result isn’t too bad but it’s not what I’d call an ideal way to sew in armholes. I also top stitched the neckline to match, even though it didn’t need top stitching. But it just looks like it’s supposed to be there 🙂

I have always loved a dress with fun lining. So it was a great chance to use some lining off-cuts from the bargain bin to mix and match while learning. I had some green lining in my stash as well as the black, so I used the green for the skirt section of the dress to add a bit of fun when walking (and hence the garden-oriented cheese name)!

Overall, this was a great learning dress. But sadly this muslin won’t get much wear – It’s a tad too small to be really comfortable! Not to mention as soon as I bent to get into the car I heard a rip – and that was the end of my skirt lining. Still, you can’t see the torn lining and it’s still wearable, but it’s not mend-able and it’s not nice wearing a dress knowing it has torn lining.

I’m loving this sewing roll I’m on! I’ve already started attempt #3 of this pattern, so I’m interested to see what goes on there. I don’t have high hopes, but I would like to sew the armhole lining right this time.

Stay inspired!

My Handmade Scarf #7: Red Knit

This scarf is very street. It’s unpretentious. It’s says ‘I’m for one thing – warming necks. Screw style’.

And that, in itself, makes it style.

Nothing more to it than that.

Thanks Grandma. Another job well done.

Sew 2012 #007 Revisited: Love Me -Not- Dress

Remember the Love Me Not Dress? I think it just became the Love Me Not Dress! I feel so adorable!

I’ve been incredibly busy these last few weeks. Too busy. I think I have to start seriously planning blocks of time for sewing and crochet. And start saying No. Ah, the perils of being Fantastic.

This is also why I haven’t had a completed dress project to post about in a while. It makes me a little sad. So that’s why I picked up the abandoned Love Me -Not- Dress and considered one evening, Is it really so bad as to be abandoned?

As it turned out, no! A few take-ins there and a proper hem, snip of the extra zip bit and now I have a perfectly wearable tea dress! Just don’t look too closely 😉

You might also remember the Polyvore ensemble I put up a few weeks ago. See where I was going there? Hehe! I still have more ideas, and the aqua wig must be taken out sometime soon 🙂

Stay funky!

My Handmade Scarf #6: Japan Love

Happiness and love just seem to be major themes in my crafting. Everything I make  contains large chunks of it at some point of its process – something that I’ve found is a huge contribution to my overall sanity!

This scarf is no exception! This scarf is very special to me. You see, this one has been kicking around in some form since I was 15 years old, and that was quite some time ago now.

At that age, I went to Japan with my family. One day while a little bit lost in Kyoto, we decided to take a short-cut through a park. Inside the park we were lucky to find a flea market! It wasn’t in any of our guide books so it seemed to us we had stumbled onto a local event.

In one stall, a woman was selling second hand kimono and fabric scraps. We bought some obi, kimono and haori (which come to think of it I should share with you at some point!) and a bag of fabric scraps as souvenirs.

This bag kicked around in my crafty stash for more than 10 years. Then all at once, this scarf was conceived! It’s now one of my favourites, with a forest green velvet backing and long black fringe.

It makes me feel special, lucky and loved whenever I see it. ♥

Stay inspired!

Won’t Get Over This Colour Phase!

Won't Get Over This Colour Phase!

Akris green wrap dress
$2,690 –

Leather blazer
$399 –

Modstrom nylon pantyhose
€15 –

Mollini purple platform pumps
$150 –

Prada leather bag
£1,250 –

Kendra Scott yellow earrings
$55 –

Color craze yellow bangle
$8 –

American Apparel neon nail polish
$6 –

Happy Jewellery Necklace Time

A few weeks ago on a weekend drive we stopped in one of our favourite spots for a spot of shopping. (Hehe).

I saw a few beads I liked and the above photo contains none of them.

How it rolls is I cleaned and re-setup my crafty space. It was so clean and organised – and there’s not much more tempting than a clean and organised crafty space. So out came my beads!

On top of everything was a pair of half finished earrings – which I promptly completed! I think these are my new favourites… 🙂

Then I moved onto my new beads:

Felt balls! I’ve loved this trend for a while, but hadn’t worked out how to make it work for me. And then inspiration hit in the above form.

Next were these lovely porcelain beads which I mixed with some I spacers already had. The necklace weighs a tonne but it is lovely to look at.

I call it my Dragon Garden Necklace.

Stay creative!

How to wear Mint

How to wear Mint

Satin jacket
$23 –

Pretty Polly glossy pantyhose
£6 –

Rupert Sanderson high heel pumps
$595 –

Charlotte Olympia clutch handbag
$545 –

Ivanka Trump diamond jewelry
$5,900 –

Lanvin chunky jewelry
£344 –

Movado dot jewelry
$295 –

Flower jewelry
£78 –

Kate Spade stone jewelry
$38 –

My Handmade Scarf #4: Dr Rainbow

Here’s another old favourite my late grandmother made for me. I started this along with the Mega Long White Knit Scarf, but Grandma didn’t frog this one. She simply tut-tuted my amatuer joining technique and carried on for me 🙂

Nearly every time I wear it someone asks if it’s my Dr Who scarf… which drew a blank on me the first few times! I didn’t know he had one, and now that I actually look at it I wonder why people think it’s similar… :/ (In my searches though I did find this awesome site about making your own Dr Who Scarf!!)

So now, this is not a Dr Who scarf. However, I did make it to help me feel happy on drab days so it is indeed my Dr Rainbow Scarf.

I do love it, but its made of acrylic yarn so it’s not particularly nice on the skin. Maybe this year I crochet myself the adult version of it 🙂

Stay happy