My Handmade Scarf #4: Dr Rainbow

Here’s another old favourite my late grandmother made for me. I started this along with the Mega Long White Knit Scarf, but Grandma didn’t frog this one. She simply tut-tuted my amatuer joining technique and carried on for me πŸ™‚

Nearly every time I wear it someone asks if it’s my Dr Who scarf… which drew a blank on me the first few times! I didn’t know he had one, and now that I actually look at it I wonder why people think it’s similar… :/ (In my searches though I did find this awesome site about making your own Dr Who Scarf!!)

So now, this is not a Dr Who scarf. However, I did make it to help me feel happy on drab days so it is indeed my Dr Rainbow Scarf.

I do love it, but its made of acrylic yarn so it’s not particularly nice on the skin. Maybe this year I crochet myself the adult version of it πŸ™‚

Stay happy


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