Happy Jewellery Necklace Time

A few weeks ago on a weekend drive we stopped in one of our favourite spots for a spot of shopping. (Hehe).

I saw a few beads I liked and the above photo contains none of them.

How it rolls is I cleaned and re-setup my crafty space. It was so clean and organised – and there’s not much more tempting than a clean and organised crafty space. So out came my beads!

On top of everything was a pair of half finished earrings – which I promptly completed! I think these are my new favourites… 🙂

Then I moved onto my new beads:

Felt balls! I’ve loved this trend for a while, but hadn’t worked out how to make it work for me. And then inspiration hit in the above form.

Next were these lovely porcelain beads which I mixed with some I spacers already had. The necklace weighs a tonne but it is lovely to look at.

I call it my Dragon Garden Necklace.

Stay creative!


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