Won’t Get Over This Colour Phase!

Won't Get Over This Colour Phase!

Akris green wrap dress
$2,690 – stylebop.com

Leather blazer
$399 – danier.com

Modstrom nylon pantyhose
€15 – welikefashion.com

Mollini purple platform pumps
$150 – frockaholics.com

Prada leather bag
£1,250 – flannelsfashion.com

Kendra Scott yellow earrings
$55 – kendrascott.com

Color craze yellow bangle
$8 – jcpenney.com

American Apparel neon nail polish
$6 – americanapparel.net


6 thoughts on “Won’t Get Over This Colour Phase!

  1. LOVE the jacket! And the dress and the nail polish, and I totally want a pair of shoes that color (though shorter heels would be better, last time I wore heels that tall I tripped and fell, admittedly it was right into a handsome stranger’s arms…… shame his fiance was standing over us giggling)

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