My Handmade Scarf #8: Royal Cowl

Sometimes you find something at the bottom of your craft box and suddenly realise why you hadn’t thrown it out years ago.

Cheap stretch velvet never looked so good!

This cowl was super easy and fun to make – and I actually got the inspiration from a scarf I saw in a Melbourne department store one weekend away.

It was one of those things: ‘Ooh I like that…’ *pick it up, look at it, put it on, look for a mirror, admire, take it off, hunt for price tag…* ‘Oh dear I could make that so easily…’ *put it back on rack, wander off, look at shiny things, walk back, pick it up, inspect closely, take a phone snapshot, try it on again, put it back, walk away…* ‘Yeah I’ll make that.’

So what I figured out was:

  1. Embellish fabric.
  2. Seam up long rectangle of fabric.
  3. Sew inΒ elasticΒ on one long side.
  4. Admire. For about 10% OF THE PRICE!


Stay thrifty!


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