Ultra-Mega Wool Crochet Scarf Blanket!

I said Ultra-mega, but what I may have meant was ULTRA-MEGA!!!

This scarf is so huge, I can lay it across our queen size bed as a foot/Felix blanket. This scarf is sooo huge, curiosity got the better of me and for the first time ever I measured one of my completed crochet projects.

It’s 255cm long and 38cm wide. That’s 100 inches long and 15 inches wide.

What’s more, it’s mega warm. I actually was in a light sweat while weaving in the ends. I bought this wool on eBay from a lovely lady, and the skeins had little labels with the names of the sheep the wool came from. The outer white stripes are from Kelly, the black wool stripes are from Curly, and the middle white stripe came from Pixie. Sadly the grey stripes didn’t come with a name tag, so I named the mystery sheep Storm.

Storm and Curly’s wool are still tacky with the sheeps’ natural lanolin. My hands felt so soft at the end of those rows and it seems to be marvellous at retaining warmth.

As it grew on my lap, Sweetheart kept putting it over himself. I think he likes it. It makes us both giggle how monstrously large this scarf is, but there’s absolutely no question we are warm when we wear it!


Sew 2012 #013: Some Like It Hot Skirt

Winning! I like it.

Groan you might, and I would forgive you – for this is another from the all-glorious Simplicity 5259.

Sexy, no?

I bought tops. Lots of them. Because I know it will take me a while to learn how to make good tops and the future had different plans for me, therefore I need nice tops now. So I bought them, you see.

I have skirts, and I enjoy making skirts. Filling the top-gap in my wardrobe has now made me feel like I can spend wonderful guilt-free sewing hours making more skirts. Because I like making skirts, you see.

This skirt started its development with matching lining cut at the same time. But when it came to construction, I found I wasn’t in the mood for learning how to line a skirt so I cut the interfacing pieces from the scraps and finished it up. I would like to line my skirts but I feel I’m still at the stage where I enjoy finished skirts more than lined skirts.

From opshop fabric it came.

But before all that happened, I did make some alterations to the pattern. I added my usual amount of length for that classic ’40s style, and tapered the side seams to exaggerate my hips. I’m not sure it worked all that well.

End brain-fried ramble. Sometimes we must all tolerate our inner drunken Yoda.

Stay creative!

Wardrobe Analysis Part 2: What To Add

In short, I’d like more of everything in my wardrobe. Post over.

In long, I’m going to add more skirts and dresses to my wardrobe first. I’d like more trousers too, but they sound scary and I haven’t made any yet, and I’d like more tops, but I’ve recently just made a top injection to my wardrobe. And I’d like more coats, but they’re expensive and hard.

So for skirts and dresses, I headed to my stash. I’m determined to perfect both patterns and create a whole bunch. A small drawback of my stash is it doesn’t exactly have the neutral, jewel, patterns and textures I want to go for, but it’s really the best place to start. So I got stuck into planning:

I’ve created a little board! The top half shows my ultimate sewing goal: six five-piece suits in my favourite neutral colours. A girl sure can dream!

A blazer, a vest, a pencil dress, a pencil skirt and a trousers. Six sets of these and I’ll have no trouble rolling out of bed into something office-y for work. I’ve yet to work out how much of each fabric to buy, but I’m in no hurry as it will be good quality stuff so I’ll get my technique right on all of these things first.

The bottom shows my ideas from my stash, not all of them but the simplest to get done first. Here are the pencil skirt ideas:

And here are the dress ideas:

Plenty to keep me going there!

Stay creative!

Wardrobe Analysis Part 1: Colours

Having not yet grown-up, I took my coloured pencils into my wardrobe for some organisation relaxation and made colour swatches of my clothes:

There’s actually a lot of black, and heaps of red in varying shades. And pinks. And not many patterns or textures.

Then I checked out my stash:

A whole lot more colour. Since most of my stash is bought on a whim from opshops, I generally pick up the fabrics that are nice to touch and in good colours.

From this I deduced my current situation:

  • I have too much pink in my wardrobe. I don’t really like pink.
  • I like wearing dark colours with the occasional light coloured outfit.
  • I like rich fabrics.
  • I like textures, but don’t seem to have many.
  • I like some prints, but have very few.
  • I like basics that can mix and match with anything.
  • I like fitted clothes.

With that in mind, I jumped online and found some fabrics that would build my basics –  neutrals, jewels, patterns and textures:

Now to decide what to make from it all 😀

Stay inspired

Sew 2012 #012: House Dress

Woohoo! Sewing. There’s something about failing miserably several times in a row that just makes you want to win. So win I did, even if that mean starting something completely different.

And so I present the House Dress (cue DJ starts playing House music.).

So comfortable, and so slightly-more-acceptable-than-track-pants-at-the-grocery-store. However unless I pay the paparazzi to follow me, this grainy image may be the only one to grace the Internet.

I originally bought this fabric a while ago to make some sort of comfortable office dress. But recently I decided I’m in no hurry to reach that skill level and it’s better used right now!

The pattern I drafted myself: I traced a nice RTW top I already owned made of a similar fabric, then extended the side seams to full length and out the sides a bit. It used a lot of fabric but it’s well worth it.

Be prepared to see more of these! I want to try a more sleeveless version and another with full sleeves – just need to right fabric to present itself!

Stay happy!

Shandii Crochet Scarf: How I Accidently On Purpose Finished Another One

I was just the other day I finished the Ms Rainbow Scarf and I mentioned how I’d like to finish another scarf before the winter is through but wasn’t holding high hopes for that.

Well guess what: BAM!

The Shandii Scarf.

Took all of an hour. I think I like thick yarn and 15mm crochet hooks.

I also like how my antique silver kilt pin from Grandma looks so happy to be used again (since I have moved on from Gothic/kilt inspired outfits…)

This piece introduced itself as the Shandii Scarf as I started on the second row of double crochet. Why? (I’ll bet she’s blushing).

My friend Shandii at Shandii Crafts started sharing her creative exploits online shortly after I did. It’s great fun to share our making adventures over a cup of tea, even if we are a bit far apart most of the time. Recently we weren’t far apart, and found ourselves with some spare time to check out some awesome opshops.

We both individually found this length of chunky yarn, but it was I who took it home. I wanted to make something straight away, but didn’t have any hooks the right size on hand. In the meantime, I happily hooked on the Ms Rainbow Scarf.

Now Shandii and I, we’re both still learning the crochet of the land. She took great interest in my rainbow scarf, and I liked the stitch she was using for her in-progress projects. So we swapped stitches! Yay!

I made up the Shandii Scarf with the new Shandii Stitch I just learned, which was basically a crochet stitch starting through one of the previous yarns instead of two. That way the lovely line feature appears every second row. Thanks Shandii!

Gratuitous model shot:

I’m already planning another version with this stitch 🙂

Stay inspired!

Ms Rainbow Scarf – Another Completed Crochet Project!


Did I mention being creative is awesome?

I’ve just finished my first scarf for Winter 2012. I’m not sure if I’ll finish another. I hope I do.

I decided to do a style review. I’ve packed up and donated a lot of my old clothes with a view to make/buy replacements and build my dream wardrobe. Since it’s well and truly winter now in Canberra, I thought the best place to start was scarves.

And here’s a larger view:

For more details on the yarns I used see my Ravely project page!

I love my Dr Rainbow Scarf my Grandma finished for me years ago, but it’s made from acrylic yarn so it’s not terribly warm and its non-durability is starting to show. I also started making it when I was 17, and my tastes have somewhat grown-up since then… (though I still love that scarf 😀 )

The Ms Rainbow Scarf came together very quickly, as I wanted it be fairly simple no-brainer project. And even though it’s a bit of a loose fabric, it’s warm! I had been wearing a cotton scarf while I was making this, and boy was I glad when it became long enough I could wear it and hook it at the same time. Soooo much warmer!

I started with the green and finished with the yellow. The pattern only repeats once. When I got to the first few rows of the last orange square, suddenly I had visions of matching beanie, arm warmers and leg warmers.

Perhaps I haven’t grown up after all.

Stay happy!