Ms Rainbow Scarf – Another Completed Crochet Project!


Did I mention being creative is awesome?

I’ve just finished my first scarf for Winter 2012. I’m not sure if I’ll finish another. I hope I do.

I decided to do a style review. I’ve packed up and donated a lot of my old clothes with a view to make/buy replacements and build my dream wardrobe. Since it’s well and truly winter now in Canberra, I thought the best place to start was scarves.

And here’s a larger view:

For more details on the yarns I used see my Ravely project page!

I love my Dr Rainbow Scarf my Grandma finished for me years ago, but it’s made fromย acrylicย yarn so it’s not terribly warm and its non-durability is starting to show. I also started making it when I was 17, and my tastes have somewhat grown-up since then… (though I still love that scarf ๐Ÿ˜€ )

The Ms Rainbow Scarf came together very quickly, as I wanted it be fairly simple no-brainer project. And even though it’s a bit of a loose fabric, it’s warm! I had been wearing a cotton scarf while I was making this, and boy was I glad when it became long enough I could wear it and hook it at the same time. Soooo much warmer!

I started with the green and finished with the yellow. The pattern only repeats once. When I got to the first few rows of the last orange square, suddenly I had visions of matching beanie,ย arm warmersย andย leg warmers.

Perhaps I haven’t grown up after all.

Stay happy!


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