Shandii Crochet Scarf: How I Accidently On Purpose Finished Another One

I was just the other day I finished the Ms Rainbow Scarf and I mentioned how I’d like to finish another scarf before the winter is through but wasn’t holding high hopes for that.

Well guess what: BAM!

The Shandii Scarf.

Took all of an hour. I think I like thick yarn and 15mm crochet hooks.

I also like how my antique silver kilt pin from Grandma looks so happy to be used again (since I have moved on from Gothic/kilt inspired outfits…)

This piece introduced itself as the Shandii Scarf as I started on the second row of double crochet. Why? (I’ll bet she’s blushing).

My friend Shandii at Shandii Crafts started sharing her creative exploits online shortly after I did. It’s great fun to share our making adventures over a cup of tea, even if we are a bit far apart most of the time. Recently we weren’t far apart, and found ourselves with some spare time to check out some awesome opshops.

We both individually found this length of chunky yarn, but it was I who took it home. I wanted to make something straight away, but didn’t have any hooks the right size on hand. In the meantime, I happily hooked on the Ms Rainbow Scarf.

Now Shandii and I, we’re both still learning the crochet of the land. She took great interest in my rainbow scarf, and I liked the stitch she was using for her in-progress projects. So we swapped stitches! Yay!

I made up the Shandii Scarf with the new Shandii Stitch I just learned, which was basically a crochet stitch starting through one of the previous yarns instead of two. That way the lovely line feature appears every second row. Thanks Shandii!

Gratuitous model shot:

I’m already planning another version with this stitch 🙂

Stay inspired!


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