Sew 2012 #012: House Dress

Woohoo! Sewing. There’s something about failing miserably several times in a row that just makes you want to win. So win I did, even if that mean starting something completely different.

And so I present the House Dress (cue DJ starts playing House music.).

So comfortable, and so slightly-more-acceptable-than-track-pants-at-the-grocery-store. However unless I pay the paparazzi to follow me, this grainy image may be the only one to grace the Internet.

I originally bought this fabric a while ago to make some sort of comfortable office dress. But recently I decided I’m in no hurry to reach that skill level and it’s better used right now!

The pattern I drafted myself: I traced a nice RTW top I already owned made of a similar fabric, then extended the side seams to full length and out the sides a bit. It used a lot of fabric but it’s well worth it.

Be prepared to see more of these! I want to try a more sleeveless version and another with full sleeves – just need to right fabric to present itself!

Stay happy!


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