Wardrobe Analysis Part 1: Colours

Having not yet grown-up, I took my coloured pencils into my wardrobe for some organisation relaxation and made colour swatches of my clothes:

There’s actually a lot of black, and heaps of red in varying shades. And pinks. And not many patterns or textures.

Then I checked out my stash:

A whole lot more colour. Since most of my stash is bought on a whim from opshops, I generally pick up the fabrics that are nice to touch and in good colours.

From this I deduced my current situation:

  • I have too much pink in my wardrobe. I don’t really like pink.
  • I like wearing dark colours with the occasional light coloured outfit.
  • I like rich fabrics.
  • I like textures, but don’t seem to have many.
  • I like some prints, but have very few.
  • I like basics that can mix and match with anything.
  • I like fitted clothes.

With that in mind, I jumped online and found some fabrics that would build my basics –  neutrals, jewels, patterns and textures:

Now to decide what to make from it all 😀

Stay inspired


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