Wardrobe Analysis Part 2: What To Add

In short, I’d like more of everything in my wardrobe. Post over.

In long, I’m going to add more skirts and dresses to my wardrobe first. I’d like more trousers too, but they sound scary and I haven’t made any yet, and I’d like more tops, but I’ve recently just made a top injection to my wardrobe. And I’d like more coats, but they’re expensive and hard.

So for skirts and dresses, I headed to my stash. I’m determined to perfect both patterns and create a whole bunch. A small drawback of my stash is it doesn’t exactly have the neutral, jewel, patterns and textures I want to go for, but it’s really the best place to start. So I got stuck into planning:

I’ve created a little board! The top half shows my ultimate sewing goal: six five-piece suits in my favourite neutral colours. A girl sure can dream!

A blazer, a vest, a pencil dress, a pencil skirt and a trousers. Six sets of these and I’ll have no trouble rolling out of bed into something office-y for work. I’ve yet to work out how much of each fabric to buy, but I’m in no hurry as it will be good quality stuff so I’ll get my technique right on all of these things first.

The bottom shows my ideas from my stash, not all of them but the simplest to get done first. Here are the pencil skirt ideas:

And here are the dress ideas:

Plenty to keep me going there!

Stay creative!


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