Sew 2012 #013: Some Like It Hot Skirt

Winning! I like it.

Groan you might, and I would forgive you – for this is another from the all-glorious Simplicity 5259.

Sexy, no?

I bought tops. Lots of them. Because I know it will take me a while to learn how to make good tops and the future had different plans for me, therefore I need nice tops now. So I bought them, you see.

I have skirts, and I enjoy making skirts. Filling the top-gap in my wardrobe has now made me feel like I can spend wonderful guilt-free sewing hours making more skirts. Because I like making skirts, you see.

This skirt started its development with matching lining cut at the same time. But when it came to construction, I found I wasn’t in the mood for learning how to line a skirt so I cut the interfacing pieces from the scraps and finished it up. I would like to line my skirts but I feel I’m still at the stage where I enjoy finished skirts more than lined skirts.

From opshop fabric it came.

But before all that happened, I did make some alterations to the pattern. I added my usual amount of length for that classic ’40s style, and tapered the side seams to exaggerate my hips. I’m not sure it worked all that well.

End brain-fried ramble. Sometimes we must all tolerate our inner drunken Yoda.

Stay creative!


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