Star Anise Crochet Blanket


Don’t let this lovely photograph fool you! You didn’t miss anything, the Star Anise Blanket is most definitely not finished yet. In fact, it hasn’t gotten any bigger since my last update. Gosh I didn’t realise it was so long ago!

No, this Star Anise Blanket is folded up neatly and smally to be packed into a box for a few weeks. We’re moving house!

For the next few weeks I can look at these pictures and think how lovely it is, and let that motivate me to create some more hexgons in between packing and un-packing boxes. I’m sure I’ll find the time! 😛

Woolly loveliness.

I’ve had to pack up all my sewing things so there won’t be any new clothes for a little while. To minimise crafty withdrawals, I’ve put together a crochet travel kit:

And mapped out the point when the Star Anise Blanket got packed up:

Still lots to do.

Of course, me being me I actually have two crochet travel kits. There is this one, and another one that is a small box stuffed with at least 5 other projects. Plus there will be wool shops on the way. So I won’t be running out of crochet expressionism!

One more for the road:

Stay inspired!


Completed Crochet Project: Rosie Pinecone Delicacy Beret and Grandma Punk One Mitt

Sometimes, nothing calms you like a nice cup of tea. Sometimes, you have to take it to the next level and complete an entire hat in one eight-hour sitting letting said cup of tea go cold.


I absolutely freaking love this hat!!

Feeling a bit down, I hunted through my stash for one of my Special Yarns. I hadn’t imagined what Rosie, a lovely soft 8ply handspun alpaca yarn, would become when I bought it. As the months passed I thought it might make a nice hat. So I hunted around on Ravelry and found a few nice patterns, but decided to give this one a try.

Now I wasn’t too sold on the hat in the picture but thought it was still nice enough. As it happens, mine turned out a bit bigger and floppier which I love! The floppiness of my version demanded a pom-pom, to which I obliged. I made it on three fingers on my left hand, so when I cut it it came out with a funky pine cone shape 😀


Hat being finished, I still had a nice amount of yarn left. I thought I could probably make a pair of fingerless wrist-lets with it to match. Amateur thought wrong. I could make ONE fingerless wrist-let to match.


It’s pretty neat. I like it. The One Mitt will forever be an individual. That’s what makes it Punk. Because I said so.

See how matchy-matchy they are!

Here’s an arty shot from the back:

And here it is in action, with Grandma Punk One Mitt Style Fist Shaking:

I was trying to look mean and punk. Failure is always an option I guess.

Stay happy!

Pixie Beret: A Crochet Hat

After finishing the Ultra-mega Scarf Blanket, I had some yarn left. Really I was saving it so I could make something else 😀


Still in the mood for improvisation, I winged this beret and learned a funny thing about working with wool: It stretches a lot.

So by the time I finished this little hat, it was sliding off my head. Never fear, a little hair clip and elastic and problem solved!


Just like the Ultra-mega Scarf Blanket, it’s also really warm 🙂


Stay cool!

Look look! Beautiful Beaded Crochet and Knitting Stitch-markers

I am well an truly in love with crochet. I can see it’s going to be in my life for many years to come. And now I have real-life friends who also crochet and internet friends who share inspiration, I’ve got so much creative crochet goodness to go round.

And so I was pondering the crafty shops around my workplace recently. I thought, you know, paper clips are cool and all, but I think it’s time to graduate to stunningly beautiful stitch markers (though I think paper clip stitch markers are here to stay too!). I took myself over to the bead shop.

Now when I was researching this little project I found that there is actually a difference between crochet stitch markers and knitting stitch markers.  Knit markers don’t have to be removable, but crochet markers MUST be removable, lest they live forever in your finished project. Well, lateral thinking solves all kinds of problems.

Behold, Morgan’s Beautiful Crochet and Knitting Stitch-markers in Shandii flavour:

Here there are in Karasaurus flavour:

And finally in Morgan flavour:

Plus, they can all double as earrings in a pinch! 😀

I hope Karasaurus and Shandii like their presents 🙂

Stay creative!

One whole year of Craftiness!


One year ago today I wrote my very first blog post. I had no expectations, only a keen desire to get out of an unhappy rut. Well I am by and large out of that rut and it’s been so much fun that this year I again have no expectations, but a keen desire to keep creating!

Thank you for reading and enjoying my blog this past year. Creating and designing things to share with you has been a great joy!

Stay happy!

Come Join The Blanket Project – Crochet/Knit-along

Where there’s craftiness, there’s usually lots of craftiness!! YAY!!!

Discovering how AWESOME being crafty is has a snowball effect. You start making copious amount of stuff. Then other people start doing it too. Then you all think it would be fun to get a group going and Shandii of Shandii Craft starts a Facebook Group for Blankets!!

Sadly, your Blankets cannot join due to their inanimate nature. But YOU can! To join our blanket-making snowball and do some hookin’ and a stitchin’ along with us, message me on Facebook and let me know.

In Shandii’s small group, we’re each creating a blanket of our own choice. You can pick a blanket you’ve just started or start a new one, it’s all fun!

My blanket, I had to make some decisions there. I found a lovely pattern I’d like to make, but *DISASTER* we have a current freeze on yarn-buying in my house! So I headed to my Yarn Cupboard and found my old Blanket Polka yarn.

Colours so pretty.

I hadn’t realised I never got very far with it at all. Here’s one of only two spots:

I did however do some Math over on Ravelry. To get my blanket with the right amount of spots, I figured some kind of Golden Rule application might work well:

  • 1 x spot of 7 rounds  done!
  • 3 x spots of 6 rounds 1 out of 3 done!
  • 5 x spots of 5 rounds
  • 7 x spots of 4 rounds
  • 9 x spots of 3 rounds
  • 11 x spots of 2 rounds
  • 13 x spots of 1 round

Yeah! Time to get hookin’! (like I wasn’t already…!)

Stay spotty!