Come Join The Blanket Project – Crochet/Knit-along

Where there’s craftiness, there’s usually lots of craftiness!! YAY!!!

Discovering how AWESOME being crafty is has a snowball effect. You start making copious amount of stuff. Then other people start doing it too. Then you all think it would be fun to get a group going and Shandii of Shandii Craft starts a Facebook Group for Blankets!!

Sadly, your Blankets cannot join due to their inanimate nature. But YOU can! To join our blanket-making snowball and do some hookin’ and a stitchin’ along with us, message me on Facebook and let me know.

In Shandii’s small group, we’re each creating a blanket of our own choice. You can pick a blanket you’ve just started or start a new one, it’s all fun!

My blanket, I had to make some decisions there. I found a lovely pattern I’d like to make, but *DISASTER* we have a current freeze on yarn-buying in my house! So I headed to my Yarn Cupboard and found my old Blanket Polka yarn.

Colours so pretty.

I hadn’t realised I never got very far with it at all. Here’s one of only two spots:

I did however do some Math over on Ravelry. To get my blanket with the right amount of spots, I figured some kind of Golden Rule application might work well:

  • 1 x spot of 7 rounds  done!
  • 3 x spots of 6 rounds 1 out of 3 done!
  • 5 x spots of 5 rounds
  • 7 x spots of 4 rounds
  • 9 x spots of 3 rounds
  • 11 x spots of 2 rounds
  • 13 x spots of 1 round

Yeah! Time to get hookin’! (like I wasn’t already…!)

Stay spotty!


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