Look look! Beautiful Beaded Crochet and Knitting Stitch-markers

I am well an truly in love with crochet. I can see it’s going to be in my life for many years to come. And now I have real-life friends who also crochet and internet friends who share inspiration, I’ve got so much creative crochet goodness to go round.

And so I was pondering the crafty shops around my workplace recently. I thought, you know, paper clips are cool and all, but I think it’s time to graduate to stunningly beautiful stitch markers (though I think paper clip stitch markers are here to stay too!). I took myself over to the bead shop.

Now when I was researching this little project I found that there is actually a difference between crochet stitch markers and knitting stitch markers. Β Knit markers don’t have to beΒ removable, but crochet markers MUST beΒ removable, lest they live forever in your finished project. Well, lateral thinking solves all kinds of problems.

Behold, Morgan’s Beautiful Crochet and Knitting Stitch-markers in Shandii flavour:

Here there are in Karasaurus flavour:

And finally in Morgan flavour:

Plus, they can all double as earrings in a pinch! πŸ˜€

I hope Karasaurus and Shandii like their presents πŸ™‚

Stay creative!


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