Completed Crochet Project: Rosie Pinecone Delicacy Beret and Grandma Punk One Mitt

Sometimes, nothing calms you like a nice cup of tea. Sometimes, you have to take it to the next level and complete an entire hat in one eight-hour sitting letting said cup of tea go cold.


I absolutely freaking love this hat!!

Feeling a bit down, I hunted through my stash for one of my Special Yarns. I hadn’t imagined what Rosie, a lovely soft 8ply handspun alpaca yarn, would become when I bought it. As the months passed I thought it might make a nice hat. So I hunted around on Ravelry and found a few nice patterns, but decided to give this one a try.

Now I wasn’t too sold on the hat in the picture but thought it was still nice enough. As it happens, mine turned out a bit bigger and floppier which I love! The floppiness of my version demanded a pom-pom, to which I obliged. I made it on three fingers on my left hand, so when I cut it it came out with a funkyย pine coneย shape ๐Ÿ˜€


Hat being finished, I still had a nice amount of yarn left. I thought I could probably make a pair of fingerlessย wrist-letsย with it to match. Amateur thought wrong. I could make ONE fingerless wrist-let to match.


It’s pretty neat. I like it. The One Mitt will forever be an individual. That’s what makes it Punk. Because I said so.

See how matchy-matchy they are!

Here’s an arty shot from the back:

And here it is in action, with Grandma Punk One Mitt Style Fist Shaking:

I was trying to look mean and punk. Failure is always an option I guess.

Stay happy!


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