Oh My Gosh Melbourne!

Hello, I’m still alive! Still living life, organising myself (and Sweetheart!) and generally getting things done. I’ve been pretty quiet these last few weeks in pretty much every area – it seems like ages ago I packed up the Star Anise Blanket and started to move house.

Well, we have now moved house. We haven’t unpacked, so I’m not sure exactly where the Star Anise Blanket is now, but it’s here somewhere, there are just soooo many boxes! But I know that’s not news, it’s pretty normal for moving houses.

But what is news, and I am kinda OMG REALLY excited to say is: We now live in Melbourne!!! OMGYAYCOOLAWESOMELETSGOOUTANDPARTY!

Felix doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion on the move but is adjusting fast to his new home. His new garden is so fantastic I’m considering starting a garden diary here. It’s that Awesome.

I am so excited to move back to my most favourite city in Australia. I do feel like I’ve come home. What’s more I’m working from home at the moment and whenever I look out the window to solve a problem, I break out in smiles because I’m home. That, and the view:


In all this business, I have very little Craftiness to report on. I did make some hats for family, but in the craziness of it all I didn’t get photos before I gave them to their owners. Oh well. Next time we meet for tea then.

Sweetheart and I are currently enjoying our first ‘relaxing’ weekend at home in a few weeks. It’s nice to not have to go anywhere for a day or two. I’m hoping I can get through some of my 145 unread emails and 702 unread blog posts…Β and get a few more boxes unpacked!

Stay happy!


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