Crochet! Loveliness! Cats! Longish Silences!


It’s the end of August and with only an hour to spare I’m sacraficing a few minutes of bedtime to squeeze in one last post for the month.

The above picture is of some fantastic cakes in a shop where I always end up ordering the same chocolate mousse that I never seem to finish. I’m sure it’s magical and it’s the same mousse everytime, it just replenishes if you don’t eat it all. One day I’ll conquer the Never-ending Mousse.

I remember someone saying late last year that 2012 will year of change. I thought how prophetic. But doesn’t change happen every year? Haha. Well, whatever version you want to go with there’s been some changes happen in my tree so far and I’m still adjusting happily.


The above picture is three ducks sleeping under a bush when it looked like rain. Well Sir Duck, those Clouds had us all fooled that time.

The sewing room is still a mess and I haven’t yet made up that second inspiration space post about the new garden. I ran into idea overload while walking past a shopping mall (read: “I could make that. I could make that. Ooh, I’ll add that to the next thing I make. I could make that. I could…”) and had to stop looking at Pinterest while all my making stuff is still in boxes.


Crochet goodness! I didn’t resist an impulse yarn-buy and then I didn’t resist an impulse scarf-start. And a hat-hooking. That’s an exciting post worth waiting for.

I did however dig out my crochet bits, completed some things, and started a few more during this time of object shuffling. Most have since disappeared back into the landscape of stuff piles – but I will get myself organised enough to post about them soon!


Felix is a nut. He’s also a cat, but I believe more of a nut, his brain is of the type squirrels would collect but we don’t have squirrels around us so he gets to keep his nut. The above picture was taken mid-lick by Kidney John. Everytime I see it it makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Goodnight and see you next month!



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