I feel a Sewing Spree coming on!


My new Sewing Room is unpacked and 90% organised, and after pulling out a few nicely refolded stash fabrics inspiration struck!

Watch this space πŸ™‚


The Olive Blanket: A New Crochet Project with A Warm Growth


I have been an odd combination of busy and relaxed these last few weeks, I think it must have something to do with the lovely gardens around our house. I’ve been thinking of all the lovely things to make when I finally get some time to do it!

Crochet is still my creative crux at the moment, it is so easy to pick it up and do a few stitches or take it on a plane. However I recently developed a huge problem working on my newest blanket, currently dubbed The Olive Blanket:


Everytime I get through half a row it develops a furry growth. I was able to wiggle a little piece out and Felix was kind enough to model it so I could take a close up shot for you:


But my camera decided it had other ideas about the colour. It’s much nicer than pictured here.

Stay happy!

Rainbow Awesomeness in the form of Crochet Hat and Scarf: Another Completed Project

I think this photo pretty much captures it all.

I fell in yarn-love and bought aΒ gazillionΒ balls. No plan, it was just pure, unadulteratedΒ yarn-love. Then I started making a scarf. Then I realised the scarf needed a matching hat. Then I saw this pattern. Then I made it.

Then we had to go out for Tea and Scones on a Windy and Cold Day.

The End.