Sew 2012 #017: Rainbows and Paddle Pops Skirt

Summer is coming! While sewing up the skirt, I was reminded of Rainbow Paddle Pops. Happiness! Though I always preferred looking at rainbow paddle pops rather than eating them so this skirt suits me just fine.

The pattern is another Kwik Sew 3852 the same pattern as the silly Christmas skirt I made last year, except longer. And I added pockets! Yay!

Stay cool!


Sew 2012 #016: The Small One Skirt

This skirt is lovely! It’s a Kwik Sew 3852, View B. It’s made from an old bedspread – One of Sweetheart’s! As we were culling our linen cupboard, this was a king-single bedspread he hadn’t used in such a long time. It reminded me of a story I used to watch as a kid so I couldn’t get rid of it! Skirt it must become!

Its only drawback is it required alot of ironing. But I like it nonetheless!

Stay happy

Summer Romance

Summer Romance


Wallis gold shoes

Kate spade

Gold jewelry
$56 –

Valentino silk scarve

$41 –

Gold nailpolish
$9.61 –

Sew 2012 #015: Starry Nights Oh So Comfy Dress

Sparkly sparkles! This dress is cheating. It’s sooooo comfy – it’s actually another version of my House Dress, but in sparkly knit fabric.

I’m still terrible as sewing knits, but I made this dress for a night out at a friend’s party and it was lovely and dark so my sewing sins went un-noticed. Until I pointed them out to my fellow-sewing friend. Haha!! I really need to get the hang of knits!

Stay happy!

Sew 2012 #014: Super Cape-let

Learning to sew has quickly become one of my most favourite things to do. I love the creativity, the satisfaction, the challenges, and the fact you can do it alone or with friends, whatever you feel like. I especially love how I can now look at a piece of clothing and work out what I’d need to do to recreate it. This is one of those pieces, and possibly my all-time favourite of things I’ve made so far:

A double breasted woolen cape-let. YES, I am that awesome.

The original cape-let was a lovely blue goat-wool with wooden buttons belonging to a woman I work with. When she walked past me in the office I practically pounced on her and said how cute it was, and immediately started petting the caplet (note this is much easier to do when everyone knows you are sanely eccentric.). Knowing that I am teaching myself to sew, she told me I could borrow it and take a pattern from it. My little eyes widened and I tried in vain to conceal a squeal.

A few days later she dropped the blue cape-let on my desk. Something this special can’t be kept away for long, so I took the pattern that night. Then, because it was Wednesday, I had to wait two whole days before I could cut into the awesome woolly-like fabric I got from an opshop a few months ago.

Because the opshop wool was a bit scratchy, I thought it better to add lining. I found this awesome sheer purple satin on a trip to Sydney and thought it would be just the ticket.

I am still pondering about the buttons. These are the same metal buttons as what I used on A New Year’s Dress, except in creamy white. They came from my Great Grandmother’s button stash so they could be very old indeed! For this reason I may replace them later to use on something else, or at the very least version two of this wonderful cape-let.

There are few wrinkles to work out. Because I didn’t have instructions, I had to make up my own construction method – and I think I did an okay job at that. Adding lining was a little difficult as the original didn’t have any at all – so I had to make that up completely. And lastly, something went seriously funny when it came to attached the neckband to the body of the cloak… I had to take the back seam in two whole inches to make it fit!! I strongly suspect this was due to adding too much seam allowance and then sewing too close to the cut line… The only way to know for sure is to make version two!

I have visions of cashmere ’40s length pencil dresses with matching cape-lets… in black and moss green so far…

Stay excited!

So where are we going again Darling?

So where are we going again Darling?

My First Corset: Or How I Kicked Depression’s Butt!

I received a much anticipated package in the mail today – my first corset making kit!!

This is a dream come true! For so many years I’ve yearned to learn and make my own beautiful corsets. But carrying around a significant bout of depression for a decade or so kind of put things out of perspective. I can’t do it! I’m not good enough! Wah wah wah!

So how’s this for perspective: Life is more fun than depression! BAM!

Learning to sew was a part of the plot to get to this point. It’s taken a little over a year, but plenty has happened in a year. Right now I’m not sure I’ll complete my pledge of 52 wearable items this year, but that’s OK. I’ve certainly made a fair attempt considering.

I’ve been collecting nice fabrics for corsets for years now. It’s time to make the hard decision of which to cut up first!!

♥ Stay inspired!

The Saga of the Happy Hat: Part 1

Talk about a saga. It started off well enough:

Lovely firm hat. Very happy.

Then it got to a size where I could try it on and that’s when it dawned on me that there is a reason patterns state a guage and why you should probably try getting your stitch as close to the gauge size as possible.

Pattern said 2.5mm hook. What is didn’t say is that this is a good hook size for making a hat for Felix, if he doesn’t mind his ears being flattened. Which apparently he does.

Ok. So I upped the hook size to 3mm and started making a hat from a hat. I tried this one on at a similar stage as the photo above. It could get it on, so I finished the hat. But it looked too small and silly.

So then I tried again with a 3.5mm hook. When the hat started to curve into the cup for the head, I started to worry it was going to be too big. Soldier on I said to myself. A hat too big is better than a hat too small.

Today the in-progress Happy Hat sits in my New Yarn Stash Cupboard in my New Sewing Room in my New Home. I’m not ready to look at it again yet. Since this hat already has its name I’d better be happy when I finish it!

I’d like to post a finished project, but it seems I’ve run out at the moment. Not to worry though, I’m on a sewing spree this week and wait till you see how busy I’ve been!

Stay happy!