The Saga of the Happy Hat: Part 1

Talk about a saga. It started off well enough:

Lovely firm hat. Very happy.

Then it got to a size where I could try it on and that’s when it dawned on me that there is a reason patterns state a guage and why you should probably try getting your stitch as close to the gauge size as possible.

Pattern said 2.5mm hook. What is didn’t say is that this is a good hook size for making a hat for Felix, if he doesn’t mind his ears being flattened. Which apparently he does.

Ok. So I upped the hook size to 3mm and started making a hat from a hat. I tried this one on at a similar stage as the photo above. It could get it on, so I finished the hat. But it looked too small and silly.

So then I tried again with a 3.5mm hook. When the hat started to curve into the cup for the head, I started to worry it was going to be too big. Soldier on I said to myself. A hat too big is better than a hat too small.

Today the in-progress Happy Hat sits in my New Yarn Stash Cupboard in my New Sewing Room in my New Home. I’m not ready to look at it again yet. Since this hat already has its name I’d better be happy when I finish it!

I’d like to post a finished project, but it seems I’ve run out at the moment. Not to worry though, I’m on a sewing spree this week and wait till you see how busy I’ve been!

Stay happy!


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