Sea-foam Baby Blanket – Woohoo for completed projects!


A few months ago I found out I’m going to be an auntie (of sorts)! So the proper Crazy Cat Crochet Lady thing to do is, of course, crochet up a baby blanket. Well, it’s finished πŸ˜€

As there is no baby just yet, Felix graciously offered to model it while he napped.



It’s nice to have a crochet project crossed off the list, first one in a while! I actually have quite a bit of sewing success to share, as soon as I can muster some modelling time.

Stay happy! πŸ˜€


More Sketching Fun and My Personalised Croqui!

My textured pencil skirt ideas in the Sketch Club app!

I am totally in awe of the Sketch Club app. No more will I be in transit cataloguing ideas in my head – I can get them out and in a queue I don’t have to try to remember!

I’m still having a play with it, and the app continues to blow my mind. The possibilities!

For a fashion drawing exercise, I finally decided to draw up my croqui after reading about them over a year ago. (Here’s a handy tutorial from Lladybird!) I drew on a Hot Pink Pencil Skirt* and went to see what this app could do with fashion textures.

Well, if you looked at the image above you can see it was AWESOME. What’s even better is you can create your own textures!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!

If you have an iPad, you can download it here. You don’t have to sign up to their community to get started – when I explore all of its features I’ll be sure to let you know! Sadly they don’t seem to have an Android option so I’ll have to hunt again when I switch back in a month or two.

In the meantime, stay creative!

* Note I already have two since learning how to sew and after this exercise it seems I’m in for a few more.

Revolutionary Sketching Experience!!


My method of madness just got revolutionised. I mean this is nothing new, but I tend to work with modern technology and somethings take their time seeping into my personal life.

That’s right – I have just done my first sketch on my iPad! And you’re (maybe) getting a preview of something I’m (hopefully) going to make!

I’m not overly in love with this green fabric I picked up at an op shop, but it was cheap and I didn’t hate it so I bought it for something to practice on. There is enough to make a sheath dress but I’d like to try making a top and pencil skirt with pockets…

Stay creative!

Thinkin’ ’bout Vegas

Think' 'bout Vegas

White House Black Market high heels

Coast drop earrings
$40Β –Β

Pin Cushion Love!

I’ve done it! My Sewing Room is organised to a Happy Point, the only thing that was left was my unhappiness while sewing. That bothersome annoying moment when you realise you left your pin cushion next to the sewing machine but you need it right now next to the ironing board.

“No more!” said I, and promptly made several pin cushions!

I started with my old faithful velvet square pin cushion which I stuffed into cute container I bought from an op shop several months ago. I imagine thing one will continue travelling around the room as it can hold the most pins.

Op shopping is fantastic for pretty and cheap one-off things. This plate was soooo pretty, but it had a chip on one corner. So I made a mini-pin cushion and hot-glued it over the chip! I can see this pin plate making the trip downstairs to the lounge quite often…

It now lives near one side of the ironing board. Next was this one, so cute like a button! It lives on the other side of the ironing board:

Next was this darling little espresso tea cup!

I don’t remember where I saw this but it’s such a good idea. The saucer is wonderful to catch things that don’t pin in. I’m collecting pretty plates to keep my priority buttons in sight too!

Stay tidy!