Long Time, No Sew! Pyjama Pants Will Fix That

Happy Gardening Pyjama Pants

PANTS!!! I sewed ’em.

I owe the existence of these pants to Shandii of ShandiiCrafts. Not only did she give me an excuse to go to the fabric department store to buy new fabric, she also taught me how to make these up in the space of an afternoon! And all she asked in return is I show her how to add pockets ❀ Thanks Shandii!!

After choosing some stretch cotton sateen, I dug out my fading-fast RTW pyjama pants and followed Shandii’s instructions. She was right when she said these were so easy!! I resisted the temptation to add fancy cuffs on this pair just so I could get these finished right, but will try something on the next pair.

I added the pockets, not just because I was showing Shandii how to add them but because POCKETS ARE AWESOME. (Even if I did sew them on the wrong way first and had to unpick them. Note to Shandii: skip that part.)

Finally I would like to voice my appreciation for Instagram filters. It may be the latest fad, but the above pic looks awesome when you consider it was 10pm-post-three-hours-in-the-garden-fixing-sprinklers-and-trimming-branches. They are Happy Gardening Pyjama Pants.

Stay Creative!!


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