My Creativity ToDo List



I have missed my blog, reading other awesome your wonderful comments, and generally being creative. While I have been busy, it’s nice to get back to doing what makes me smile while expressing myself!

One thing I was glad to catch upon re-acquainting myself with the blogging world was this great little post about creativity from Alli Rense. It came at a really timely moment for me – I was starting to feel calmer and more creative and, you know what? Writing a little Creativity ToDo List is just what I need 😀

Have I been stuck? Yep. But the fog is lifting. Hooray! So many things I want to do, so a list can help me keep it easy. Like Alli, I’ll limit myself to 5 creative things…

My Creativity ToDo List:

  1. Finish all blue points on the Star Anise Blanket
  2. Sew an awesome office dress
  3. Complete and frame my 15 year old cross-stitch
  4. Self-publish my Annual Book
  5. Draw a still life

There are some project-style things there, but progress makes me just as happy as a finished thing!

Bring on winter!


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