I am 2.

My blog is now two years old. Oh my!

While it has been much quieter on this front in the last few months, my creative exploits have seldom been far from my mind. Whether I’m wishing I had the energy to make something or working on something to post later, it’s still been a happy thought to think about writing here and sharing my fun with you.

The biggest block I’ve faced during my silence here is how to take photos! We’ve moved into a lovely house but I haven’t yet worked out how, where and when I’m to take pictures of the things I’ve finished. With other events in my life I regularly got distracted while trying to solve this dilemma.

Very soon I will have FIVE finished skirts to tell you about! When that happens, photos will need to be taken so I must figure it out!

In the meantime, here’s the only picture I took while in Singapore in April this year.


I’ve also been pottering in the garden a bit, removing weeds and thinking up grand designs for the wonderful flower and vegetable beds I’ll have. This garden has been fairly unkempt for three or fours years but it’s clear that at one point it was loved dearly. Among the overgrown shrubs I found these two:



I pretty sure the top one is white silverbeet and I suspect the other bottom one might be a chilli of some kind. Time will tell!

Stay calm πŸ™‚


Floralistic Chilling

Floralistic Chilling

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