Look look oh my goodness I actually made something.

I made the sad realisation tonight that my last few posts have been promises and nothing more. That makes me sad. But no more! Tonight I deliver!

In all honesty while the last few months have been busy and not a lot of fun, I’ve had serious misconceptions about my crafty space. I’ve had to move my sewing room from upstairs to downstairs, and in doing so lost cupboard storage space. I have plans to fix it but as yet no time or budget. I know what I want do. So when I am away from home my crafty space looks like this:

IKEA Australia

Or sometimes this:

IKEA Australia

So I get excited about the things I want to make. Then when I get home, I’m confronted by this:

The Nightmare before the Sewing Room

Most of the time, this is where it ends. I go to bed or start another crochet thing when I really should be continuing on with one I started last week. Or the day before. Or three weeks ago.

There has however been the rare moment when something gets made and finished despite the mess. Case in point, you can see one such finished item precariously resting upon Mount Mess on the Velvet Tablelands.

I present: Things!

Things on Wall

While wandering Youtube one night I found this video and thought yeah I can do that. So I picked up an old book the next time I was in an Op Shop and went about making it over a few weeks.

Here they are on the Wall:

Things 1 & 2

My photos are appalling. Nothing was going to stop me from posting tonight, even appalling photos. I did try to make them a bit arty with some Instagramy-type filers and some creative cropping in Photoshop. Hopefully the artiness hides a bit of how appalling the photos are.

Thing 1

The book sat in the office for a few days before I started this little project. One day Sweetheart picked it up and asked me where I found the book. I said op shop and that I intend to mutilate it. He told me he had read it years ago and thought it was his. I assured him it was not his. It was decided I would proceed with my plans to quash its current form.

Thing Close-up

I do quite like them, though I’m not confident about their long-term survival. While the video touts them as Christmas decorations, I tried not to make mine too Christmas-y. I stuck hair combs on the back but I’m not sure if this takes anything away from their seasonal biases or turns the wearer into a living Christmas decoration. Time will tell I guess.

So there you have it! Something I made AND posted about! I’m looking forward to making so much more. Oh how I’ve missed this 😀

Stay focused!


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