The Stress Management Skirt

Confession time: one of the things I suck at is stress management. Another apparently is exposed zippers but we’ll cover that later.


Sucking at stress management is why this lovely little corner of the interwebs has collected a bit of dust over the last year. I haven’t sewn as much as I could have – fortunately this is changing πŸ™‚

Take some time out for some stress management sewing and you get the Stress Management Skirt!


If you’ve read a bit of this blog, it should be pretty clearΒ that I freaking love pencil skirts.

While I think I’m getting pretty good at them I still lack in the selecting fabric area. I really need to stop buying offcuts thinking ‘Oh I’ll Just Make A Pencil Skirt’ then finding out I only have enough for a mini pencil skirt. Oh wells.


Also need some practice on machine blind hemming…


My exposed zipper attempt was pretty rad but I’m conveniently not showing the botched bottom until I can impress you with a really nicely done version. Yay!

Be happy!


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