A Hanging Thing.

The date of this issue of Cotton Time will confirm this has thing has seen a long time sitting in a cupboard un-made. Hence, and for the sake of concealing embarrassment that doesn’t actually exist, I will not be translating the month of issue at this time.

A hanging thing. It sure is pretty.

It’s a hanging thing you can put stuff in. Some might call it an Organiser.

I don’t like these sorts of things. But I made one.

A hanging thing bottom detail


Pockets galore! Twelve of them in fact.

A hanging thing top detail


The pretty flowery fabric came with the issue of Cotton Time pictured. They have a little tutorial for making a lunch bag with it but I’m more of the type to make a hanging organiser I’ll never actually use.

The back of the hanging thing.


The back. Secured over the coat hanger with ribbons and buttons.

Who knows, I might use it one day. My flicker of a maternal instinct suggests she wants to hang on to it.

The hanging thing on a tree.

It’s also good to know that if I ever need to hang it outside on a tree, I can.

Stay happy!


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