Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

Yay! Modern Hippie Happiness.

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

In all honesty I don’t like this fabric. I got 2.5m of it from an opshop one day as I thought it would be good practice sewing with knits. I thought of making a wrap dress with it but the idea of being wrapped in this pattern was sort of off-putting so the sewing of the wrap dress kept being put off.

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

Here is the wind demonstrating the drape.

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

That aside, check out those seams! Pretty happy with it πŸ™‚

I’m more likely to wear this now it only covers the lower half of me, but I don’t think it will be one of my favourite skirts. The sewing pattern however, I hope to make many more of these in other fabrics!

Stay happy

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt


Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

Let the filters on my photos take you back to a time when fringing was all the rage!

Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

Years ago I bought a bag of ribbon and trimming scraps from a fabric department store. In it was a 1.2m length of 20cm fringing. Score! I thought. I’ll have to do something with that.

Recently I was in a slap-dash let’s make something mode and decided I had to have a Trashy Lampshade Skirt.

Don’t over-analyse it, as I’m not sure what is going on here:

Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

In a way it’s my first attempt at lining a skirt, as I wanted the fringing to be independent to the outer-velvet layer. So I made two skirts, one velvet and one black satin, made the black satin one 1 inch shorter than the velvet, attached them at the waistband and sewed the fringing on the inner black satin skirt’s hem.

Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

Not bad. Now if I ever need a Halloween costume I just need to wire in some lighting up there.


Completed: Blue Portrait Blouse

Another Portrait Blouse! I’m getting closer. So close I may be starting again soon.

Completed: Blue Portrait Blouse

After a proper muslin from an old bedsheet, some suggestions from Sweetheart and an SMS consultation with Nana, we are getting very close. This blue version is the best yet, but it has some gaping issues around the arms above the bust.

Completed: Blue Portrait Blouse

Everything else is fine. Only the future can tell what the next version will be like!

Summer dreaming

Summer dreaming

Witchery scoop top
$56 –

Red Herring mini shoulder bag
$19 –

River Island belt
$40 –

Completed: Woollen Croak Cloak

More opshop fabric goodness! I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this awesome wool and a whole lot more at one the opshops I frequent. It ended up being one of my biggest spends ever in a opshop.

Completed: Woollen Croak Cloak

I believe this rectangle of wool was intended to be a blanket. It still had a loose thread and needle in one side and the hem was incomplete. I finished the hem, and in winter I needed a warm jacket to wear out and about and thought a super simple cloak design would be great for this blanket.

Completed: Woollen Croak Cloak

It’s almost a crime how easy this was. After checking the measurements against my body, all I did was cut a slit to the centre and hem it. To wear, put the end of the slit behind your neck and throw one side over your shoulder…

Completed: Woollen Croak Cloak

And/or the other side over the other shoulder!

Completed: Woollen Croak Cloak

I believe I saw something like in a Vogue once.

Hooray for thrifty warmness!

So, A Sew 2012 Summary



Eleven months on and we finally get to recap on the year that was 2012. This little blog certainly got its head in a spin!

Personally I’m not sure what to make of it. Did I bite of more than I could chew?

Sew 2012 #018: Red Satin StoleΒ Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin SkirtΒ Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin StoleΒ Sew 2012 #021: Hot Pink Satin Sexy Pencil SkirtΒ Sew 2012 #022: A Back Up Christmas Skirt - BackΒ Sew 2012 #023: Crash Velvet Portrait Blouse Sew 2012 #024: Flight of Fancy Portrait Blouse Sew 2012 #025: Sub-lime Portrait Blouse wpid-IMG_20131004_101629.jpg Sew 2012 #027: Purple Portrait Blouse

I hoped to make 52 items in a year and got up to 27. Despite this I feel pretty good about my un-achievement. 2012 turned into a relatively tough year!

I had had ideas about 2013 but the effects of 2012 lingered and I thought it best to indulge in creatively freeing projects – sewing what and when I felt like it with the odd crochet project.

This blog has always been about a place to freely express and share what makes me happy. I’ll be trying not to lose sight of that again anytime soon!

I’m ready for a happy and creative 2014 – I certainly deserve it and so do you!


Sew 2012 #027: Purple Portrait Blouse

Here is my third but not final attempt at Gertie’s Portrait Blouse.

Sew 2012 #027: Purple Portrait Blouse

I’m not really digging this version, but I keep it as it’s wearable and would be a good layering piece under jackets and stuff.

Sew 2012 #027: Purple Portrait Blouse - Back

In all keen to get this one right!

Completed: Starry Mini Skirt

Remember the Starry Nights Dress? It didn’t survive my creative clutches. A few months back it got the chop and the bottom half went into my scrap pile, side seams in tact. The top is in my regular cycle of comfy homey tops.

Completed: Starry Mini Skirt

While sorting through my stash for good bits of fabric I thought this would be good to have as a skirt, so I made a casing for some elastic and threaded it in. In true homemade style I’ve left the bottom raw.

Completed: Starry Mini Skirt

This should add some glamour to those summer supermarket trips πŸ˜€

Sew 2012 #025: Sub-lime Portrait Blouse

I’m talking about failures here.

Sew 2012 #025: Sub-lime Portrait Blouse

This blouse has remained in my in-progress pile for too long. It’s time to decide: Finish or Forget.

I choose forget.

Aside from being a horrid colour on me, it doesn’t make me feel nice wearing it and I don’t like the fit. I should have written it off as muslin and tried again without trying to finish this… but hey.