Cotton Velvet Seat Cover Pencil Skirt (Also Sexy Slippers)

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Cotton Velvet Seat Cushion Pencil Skirt (Also Sexy Slippers)

Take a sneak preview into the future and the past simultaneously with the Cotton Velvet Seat Cover Pencil Skirt.

The future will explain itself in time.

As for the past, we can explain that in the present. As many of these stories begin on this little blog, I was in an op shop and found an interesting bit of fabric. It was pink, velvety and looked like a pencil skirt to me. So I took it home. While returning it to my stash after washing (after it had left little pink pills of fluff over everything it touched), I realised this fabric reminded me of the chairs my Nana used to have in her dining room. Pink cotton-y velvet goodness. To match the deep red plush carpet. Stylin’.

This is no light fabric. It’s not heavy, but when you have a few layers stacked up as you do when you’re sewing a vent on a pencil skirt, it gets pretty thick. And apparently my sewing machine has limits. This discovery put the tension out on my machine in a rather major way and nothing could be done until I could get it into a service. (Which would also explain the popularity of crochet posts earlier this year.)

Also check out my slippers. Aren’t they awesome!*

Today the skirt has been finished and proudly hangs in my wardrobe, and occasionally on me, sometimes the drying rack, evermore highlighting the fact I have too many pink pencil skirts to the ratio of not-pink pencil skirts in my wardrobe.

*Not really a question.


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