Completed: Green Mini Skirt

One of my habits is finding likable lengths of fabric in opshops with the view to make a Pencil Skirt. This was another such likable length of fabric.

Completed: Green Mini Skirt

The trending problem that arises from this habit is that I often find out how long the length is at the cutting stage. I take a rather relaxed approach to my sewing.

So, often times I end up with a mini pencil skirt instead of the knee length one I’d hoped for.

Completed: Green Mini Skirt

In this case, I cut my pieces but the fabric had originally been cut on a bad angle. So the back pieces ended up much longer than the front piece. I sewed the back vent in so I could trim the hem evenly in the last stage, and then, well I ended up with one inch of vent. Sigh.

Completed: Green Mini Skirt

But of course, surprise lengths of fabric isn’t always a bad thing! Check out my funky Green Mini Skirt!



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