Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

Here we are, the last item from my day in the sun camera in hand. We are now officially up to date with sewing projects.

Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

This is another opshop-found fabric, but this one was long enough to make the below-the-knee length skirt I like. I love the satin stitch diamond pattern!

This fabric has been in my stash for nearly two years – when I started sewing I didn’t imagine I’d be the kind to have a sewing stash with fabric that old in it! Somehow when buying the little roll at the thrift store, I thought this skirt might never be made. I must have been having a bad day as I do believe in unicorns and dreams do come true.

Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

I wanted to try something different with the waistband fastening here, a pretty lone button from my collection was perfect! Please disregard the pink chalk lines… I promise I washed it off before wearing πŸ™‚

Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

Such a lovely vent.

Sewing dreams do come true πŸ™‚

Completed: Satin Stole for A Japan Wedding

‘What, another stole?’ I hear you exclaim! It could be said that all other stoles were the precursor for this one.

Completed: Satin Stole for A Japan Wedding

As it got closer toΒ Shandii of ShandiiCrafts‘ wedding, we organised our outfits and it became apparent we needed something if it was a bit cool. I showed her my stole and she was sold! We chose the satin in a colour to match her dress and I got sewing.

Completed: Satin Stole for A Japan Wedding

I made three matching stoles, one for me, the other bridesmaid and Shandii the Bride. I put the finishing touches on them in Hokkaido, Japan and they got their final press in Okayama.

Completed: Satin Stole for A Japan Wedding - On Model

For most of the day it was lovely and we almost didn’t need them, but the wind picked up and it was a little chilly in the shade.

The ceremony was beautiful and six months on the happy couple are still happy πŸ™‚