Feedback for Future Fulfilment


Let’s pretend I was organised enough to put together a feedback form and let’s pretend you all had enough free time to fill it in. He he funny I know.

Anyways, the Imaginary Results to this Imaginary Form go something like this:

  • Regular posts on a variety of crafty posts.
  • Themed projects that get done on time.
  • Tutorials and what I’ve learned posts.
  • Inspiration trends.
  • Pictures of me wearing my stuff instead of just mug shots of it.

For me, this is a weird concept. I’m used to planning creativity for my day job as a designer, so my personal creativity wasn’t meant to be planned out solely for my own enjoyment. However I’ve found this approach means I often skip a project I want to do in favour of project I can do NOW… Case in point, making a corset. I bought the kit almost two years ago and have done nothing with it.

Another point I want to develop this year is crafty networks. Since starting this blog almost three years ago I’ve seen some of my real life friends try a new craft and share that process with me. How lucky and inspired it makes me feel! Who know what else we will learn πŸ˜€

So, now you know my thoughts I’m gonna through this out there and ask: What’s missing from your crafty news feed? Leave your comments below πŸ™‚

β™₯ xx


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