How To Be Ordinary

Things have been quiet around these parts… too quiet. Too much to do and not enough head space to relax. But I just watched the funniest episode of Big Bang Theory I’ve seen in a while, followed by the most gripping CSI episode I’ve seen. Either TV is getting better or I’m feeling like a weight has lifted – either will please me, and in turn, you! 😀

After writing my introduction paragraph there I opened up my ‘latest photos’ folder to see what I’ve been doing. It’s delightfully average. So here I have five photos of my luxuriously average life to share with you.

The pool cleaner broke. We’ve reported it, but as yet it’s not fixed. This is semi-acceptable, as it’s the beginning of Autumn and starting to get a bit cool for a swim.


This dumpster was behind a building where I parked my car one evening.


Upon leaving my day job, I found someone had parked their car in front of my car with great care and skill.


And in slightly more interesting news, sewing! Both kinds!

Hand sewing sequins onto my Bat Pencil Skirt to hide the cheap shininess of the fabric which I’ve decided I don’t like now I can actually sew…

2014-03-11 20.40.16

… and busted seams after sewing one of my pencil skirts during a rampage. I never wrote about it here, but you can catch some details on my Kollabora profile.

2014-03-11 21.01.57


And that’s all from the joyous department of my corner. Now look, I’ve made myself want to sew. Yay!

Stay inspired! 🙂


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