A Golden Handbag Update

I’ve been really busy lately, and thankfully some of this busy-ness is over now so I can start to relax again. I thought I would be able to finish a small project this weekend and decided to spend an hour unwinding with glue.

I recently rediscovered some gold foil I had bought during my Uni days. I’ve also been rather unimpressed with my handbag lately and have started looking in shops for a replacement. But then I thought, why not just make the uninspired inspiring again?! The three ideas met while standing in a queue oneΒ day and they have been awaiting their moment ever since.

I even have a before shot, complete with pre-cleaning handbag contents:

Handbag Contents Organised Neatly

Boring, beige, lumpy handbag.Β  And then…

Golden Goodness Handbag!

Good goldeness!!

See the shiny

Stylin' around

Oh yeah handbag

Inspiring again!

I didn’t take any progress photos, but essentially the process was:

  1. Wipe bag down with acetone.
  2. Spray with spray adhesive.
  3. Apply gold foil sheets with a slightly damp brush inΒ a dabbing motion.
  4. Cover with PVA glue.
  5. Let dry overnight.
  6. Peel off PVA glue because you realised it was the wrong glue and it has stopped the gold foil being shiny.
  7. Brush off any excess and smooth it all over with a nail brush.
  8. Place gold glue peelings in a jar. They gotta be handy for something.
  9. Take pictures of pretty goldy handbag goodness!

Stay creative


3 thoughts on “A Golden Handbag Update

  1. I am so excited to try this, but I have a few questions.
    1. What kind of adhesive would you use?
    2. Why was PVA glue bad?
    3. What kind of foil did you use?
    4. What is a nail brush…..? Specifically?

    1. Hi Kelsey! I just saw this I’m sorry, I’ll tell you now so you dont have to keep waiting…
      1. I’m not sure what I would use next time, as I’d have to experiment with different types.
      2. The PVA glue wasn’t ideal as it cracked over the PVC leather. I had to peel most of it off to get the effect pictured. I set out to actually have 15cm squares of my gold foil all over, but because the glue didn’t penetrate the gold foil (I’m guessing) it didn’t stick in most places.
      3. I had bought the gold foil from an art shop several years ago, I think I paid AUD$16 for 10 15cmΓ—15cm sheets.
      4. I used a cheap coarse bristled paintbrush about half inch thick and used a dabbing motion so as not to tear the foil.

      Good luck!!

    2. Oh misread part 4. I described the brush I used to apply the foil. A nail brush is a tough bristle rectangular brush used to clean under fingernails. I find them too rough for my hands but great for craft projects.

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