Getting past the overwhelm: Make a list


Many things suck, such as having too much to do on your plate. In terms of craft projects I don’t really have that many, but other parts of life have taken over and left Crafty Time in the dark.

It’s time Crafty Time fights back.

Just how do I do this? And what can I share with you to help you get going again if you’re in a similar situation?

I don’t know really.  I’m feeling a bit fake-it-till-you-make-it today and it seems as good as any other strategy.

Threes seem to work. So here’s three things to do on this Sunday evening to get me through:

1. Eat dinner.
2. Pick an outfit for work tomorrow.
3. Dig up a hand sewing project and do that till I fall asleep.

The hand sewing project could be beads onto my corset, or hand rolling a hem on a piece of chiffon or that sequiny lace I got. Decisions!


2 thoughts on “Getting past the overwhelm: Make a list

  1. Hi Morgan, I know this is random, but do you still have the tutorial on file for the Sunny Seats you made? I tried to go to the original blog from where you go the pattern and for some reason I can’t get the pictures/diagrams to show up on my screen. Thanks!

    1. Hi Caroline! ‘Tis a bit random but honestly, those Sunshine Seats are always in my top posts list! I’ve been asked a few times for the pattern and have scoured the interwebs myself to try and find those pictures again to no avail. I think… I think I may have to… make a commitment… to make a tutorial… (!)

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