A Week of Bento #8

Another week, no photos. But lunch was brought 3 out of 5 days, this time two of them bentos! Good news.

However, I have decided to stop these weekly post of bentos, because it’s just not happening for me at the moment!! That and I’m also no good at food photography it seems. Never fear though, I will still post a lunch if it is particularly awesome. πŸ™‚

I often find I get too excited and start too many projects at the same time, so deciding to cull this one is only going to make my other projects better. I’m also better at taking pictures of my projects!

I’ll still eat bento though, because I still love bento!

Happy lunching! πŸ™‚


A Week of Bento #7

Guess what I acheived this week?! I brought my lunch 4 out of 5 work days!! Yay!! Pat on the back.

However. I didn’t get a picture of a single one, and even three of my lunch were awesomely packed healthy bentos. The other two days were freezer lunches. Oh well. But rather than have another Lunch post with no pictures, here’s a delicious-looking Bento recipe from Not Exactly BentoΒ that we just have to try!

Image source:Β Not Exactly Bento

Recipe link for Teriyaki Pork with Noodles

A Week of Bento #6


Once again, only one lunch worthy of mentioning. But is it worth mentioning!

Sweetheart made one of his regulars on the weekend and there was plenty left over for lunch – Chinese mince and rice with chilli choy sum. Yum! It was just as great cold the next day.


A week of Bento #5

Another busy week where I was too busy sleepy lazy to get up early and make bento. But I did make one mid-week lunch look a bit special!


Like 3 of the 5 working meals this week, it was some sort of curry and rice and an old cheap tupperware box. The ‘furoshiki’ is a 50c tea towel.

This week has a Bonus Bento!

On Saturday, I was going to be very busy for a few hours, with no time to run out and buy myself some lunch. So it had to be packed! Earlier in the week I had bought myself a new Onigiri Bento set from the junk shop for $3. It was two decent sized rice ball containers, here is one of them below with my half eaten Onigiri:


Remember the lonely can of chilli tuna that didn’t get eaten? Well it has been now. My rice ball contained the chilli tuna wrapped in nori. It was good. But, I was so busy I didn’t get to finish it! I certainly ate all my greens at dinner that night.

A week of Bento #3 and #4

No pictures!


Oh dear, I get distracted so easily. But I did have lunch. This is how it worked:

On the days I remembered to take a photo, I had a really lame lunch that wasn’t worth photographing,

On the days I packed a cool bento, I forgot to take a photo.

On the plus side, this meant I did remember to takes photos most days.

But never fear, I only managed to pack one bento in the last two week and it looked almost exactly like this one.

Un-photography-worthy lunches included half a can of beef stew, a small can of minestrone soup, the remaining half can of beef stew, and a few rice and curry containers from the freezer.


A Week of Bento #2

This week was busy! While I did manage to bring my lunch three out of five days, I only managed to take a picture of the saddest looking one:


I did eat more than that during the day! The contents of the can though didn’t get eaten, it was chilli tuna and I’m still looking forward to it… however it did walk around the office and was returned to me later in the day.

A Week of Bento #1

I’ve been making bentos for a few months now, it’s rather fun!

I plan to post my lunches once a week starting today, but starting on Friday means I only have one lunch photograph! Here it is:


In the top layer is shaved ham, and the in bottom layer we have raw cauliflower, snow peas and tomatoes with olive oil and apple vinegar dressing in the little container. I also hadΒ philly cheese tubs with corn cruskits. Small but satisfying!