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I didn’t mean to let the whole month of March slip by without a post or three! I have a good reason or two: I’m changing jobs and on an overseas holiday!


Mostly Sweetheart and I have been enjoying food and being with friends in Japan! Oh my goodness the food! Did I mention the food?


We’ve also done a bit of sightseeing and wandering the department stores. We decided our next trip to Japan might need to include a bit more shopping 😀


One thing I have always loved about Japan is the beauty in the details. I love getting in close to take some snaps here.


Right now we’re ending this trip in Tokyo then heading onto Malaysia and Singapore for some fabric and shoe shopping.

One more week until it’s back to reality. It’s bittersweet – at lwast when I get home I’ll be able to sew!

Stay inspired 🙂


かぎ針編みのための日本語 or Japanese for crochet – Part 2

When starting to feel the crochet itch again, I looked through my Japanese crochet magazines and realised I still didn’t understand them fully. So, on to Part 2 of my Japanese for crochet vocabulary lists!

Japanese (Kanji) Hiragana/ Katakana English
名前 なまえ name
綿 わた cotton
綿100% わた100% 100% cotton
玉巻 たままき wound ball
40g玉巻 40gたままき 40g wound ball
やく about, approximately
約118m やく118m approx. 118m
いろ colour
6色 6いろ 6 colour
並太 なみふと average thickness,
8 – 10 ply
タイプ type
かぎ針 かひばり crochet hook
ごう number
5/0号 5/0ごう number 5
えん ¥, Yen
Japanese currency
693円 693えん ¥693
(approx. AUD 8.50)

See Part 1 here – かぎ針編みのための日本語 or Japanese for crochet – Part 1

かぎ針編みのための日本語 or Japanese for crochet – Part 1

Here’s something about me: I know a thing or two in Japanese.

When I was 15, I lived in Japan on exchange for six months and got pretty good at speaking Japanese. I could keep up with a casual conversation with my teenage friends and host family and get myself around with no trouble at all. When I came back home, I continued studying but with no Japanese-speaking friends I started to get rusty.

And today, I’m still rusty. When I went to Japan for a holiday I did get some of it back, but I couldn’t keep pace like I could when I was 15. I’d love to speak it again, but still with no Japanese-speaking people in my circles I’ll continue singing and reading to myself.

Which brings me to what this post is all about: Japanese Crochet patterns! A while ago I finished my Zirconia Lace Scarf, which was from a Japanese pattern book. I nutted out some of what I wanted to know but mainly relied on the visual pattern and numbers to make it. Now I’d like to try something a bit more ambitious: 「モチーフつなぎのチュニック」 or ‘Bridging Motif Tunic’. Here’s a preview from the book:

Bridging Motif Tunic, from 「Let

Rather than just translate patterns, I want to learn the words and structure that is used in them, so I can read them without having to go back to dictionaries and translation applications.

Word, if you’d like to join me in learning the Japanese language for this niche, I am at an Intermediate level with my Japanese and that’s where I’ll be starting from. The are some great online resources for learning Japanese like Japanese Pod 101, which has loads of free resources and extras available with a subscription and has lessons for all skill levels.

I find it’s best to learn vocabulary in small chunks, so today we’ll just go over today’s words:

Japanese (Kanji) Hiragana/ Katakana English
かぎ針編み かぎばりあみ crochet
かぎ (n) hook; hook bracket
はり needle; pin; staple; stinger
かぎ針 かぎばり hook; crochet needle
編み あみ (n) stitch, stiching, knit, knitting
のための for; for the sake of
日本語 にほんご Japanese language
(particle) belonging to
デイリーウエア daily wear
はる Spring
なつ Summer
モチーフ motif
繋ぎ つなぎ to join, to bridge gaps
チュニック tunic

Huge thanks to the WWWJDIC: Online Japanese Dictionary Service from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia – Best online Japanese dictionary ever!!

Oh Excitement! Nothing like getting my nerd on.

Stay creative! 😀