SSS’11 Day 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10: Organised-Me actually planned the Photo Shoot

Woohoo! It’s a good week when you don’t have to think about what you’re going to wear in the morning. As I was planning the shoot, I planned what I’d wear each day – The only thing I had to concentrate on was not spilling my lunch down the front. Success!

Day 6: Tuesday

Today’s ensemble was one Me-Made Grey Pencil Skirt, made from the same fabric as the No Cigar Dress. No cool piping on this one though. But I did edge the inside of the interfacing with a burgundy satin ribbon, it makes me smile every time I put this skirt on. Today also includes a Me-Modified cardigan – the beige cardigan originally had very boring little round beige buttons, which I replaced with rather interesting slightly larger square brown buttons.

Day 7: Wednesday

To ease into Thursday, here our glamorous model sports an old pink cardigan, also with Me-Modified ‘buttons.’ The original plain round pink buttons were replaced with 10mm round shiny rose beads! We also get more mileage this week from the Gothic Favourite Pencil Skirt worn on Monday (Hey, in and office full of men it’s clean if they haven’t seen it in more than 24 hours.) Ooh, and that’s also a Me-Made earring dangling on the side..!

Day 8: Thursday

Bam! It’s Thursday! Did you see that coming? None of these sultry looks in the office but this Hot Pink Pencil Skirt certainly got looked at. Not enough for a comment (positive or negative) but that’s not what we wear it for. This skirt causes entertaining problems for my colour-scheming mind: What else can you wear with a Hot Pink Pencil Skirt other than White, Black or Grey?

Day 9: Friday

Pay Day! Casual Day! Lots of Good Days all roll into one on Fridays. An no-one can tell this used to be a pillow case! This skirt is a little figure hugging at the moment but still very comfy. I made a few pillow case skirts a few years ago, but this I made a few months ago using a new method I devised (although if I looked someone may have already thought of it.). Personally I think it’s the easiest way to make a pillow-case skirt, I may have to write a tutorial!

Day 10: Saturday

Finally, a day I can work my magic. Like what I am doing to the wooden spoon. This delightfully domestic number is a collection of designer brands, cheap online finds, thrifty op-shopping and a pile of fabric. Yes, the pile of fabric is my Oh-So-Elegant Tea Skirt in black party satin, which I got for $3 a metre. When it’s not sprucing up a Tea Party with family at home (as what happened this fine Saturday), I love dressing this skirt up to the Nines and heading to the Hyatt Hotel for High Tea – the unfinished hem has just the right amount of ‘Devil may care’.

Weee! That was fun, planning the outfits, wearing them for the week, the putting it all back on for the shoot. I doubt I’ll get one shoot for each week that’s left now, but let’s see about getting one more in.

I still have to focus on getting my Me-Made items for September finished… I didn’t anticipate trying a bust enlargement on a pattern would be so vexing… :/

Stay creative!



Awkwardly Human and Beautifully Gothic

Or, How I came to be whatever the hell it is I ‘am.’

There’s some interesting reading to be had over at The Ultimate Goth Guide, I’m thinking about Day 2 and Day 3 in particular at the moment.

I was never a babybat that I can think of, I didn’t dress darkly that much when I was a teen. I don’t have many photos at all actually. In fact I remember one outfit I put together to go out with my family for dinner with I was 13: bright green t-shirt, black vest, black mini skirt and red tights. I felt great. My family was amused.

When I got older, I discovered Marilyn Manson. I was in awe of the girls and boys who looked so delectably dark. I went to Japan – Gothic Lolita Bible, Mana and EGL, need I say more?! I also discovered how much I liked dressing up and sadly, I discovered how much the outfits I actually wanted to wear cost. That was and is my biggest hinderance to dressing up the way I want to – it’s so damn expensive!

I discovered Goth wasn’t the only subculture I liked. I also like Metal. And Tea Parties. And Art. And Fetish. And Cute Things (No ‘Luv-hearts’ and ‘Butterflys’ though – not unless they look like real hearts and moths. Which they then cease to be cute. But I still like them.). So how did I come out of the Goth closet when so often these subcultures don’t see eye to eye?

I came out wearing long black skirts and my hair teased out, something like the above picture. I sat down on a nearby mushroom and listened to the music. Then I got up and went over to the other side of the room, made myself a cup of tea and put on another skirt, this one cream with dainty roses all over it, and a changed my corset to something coordinating. On another day I could have looked like this:

When I thought I was ready to see what else it was all about, I did this:

The I put on my best coat my Nana wore in the 1960s:

And found another thing that is just as fun:

Oops, did I really just post that?!

Anyway, while I was out trying all these different things I found the really good people like and love you regardless of what you’re into. Mostly because they’re into some of it too, or at the very least they find it interesting.

I also found that you don’t have to ‘fit’ just one subculture. For me, it was too limiting.

When I’m not dressed up I’m an Awkward Human. When I am, I’m whoever I want to be! I am Chameleon, watch me change!

Thanks to Amy for getting me to think about this! 🙂

Fascinating Fascinators! Sophistique Noir’s Monthly Theme Post

When I saw Sophistique Noir’s Monthly Theme Post, I knew I just had to share my Fascinator (Capital F required.)!

I made this last year for the Melbourne Cup. I was living in Canberra then and still had to go work, but that’s no excuse not to don fancy head pieces!

Of course I can’t resist adding effects!

The awesome asymmetrical aspect of it all (I freaking love alliteration!) really got me thinking about the symmetry of my own face. I’m not mismatched, but I’m definitely not symmetrical – is anyone really? My left eyebrow is in a constant state of fear should it grow in the proper direction, one side of my smile is thinner than the other and I was lucky enough to be born with the highly desirable Marilyn Monroe mole near my nose. So, if I was symmetrical and in one Universe my hair consisted of black fringing, feathers and and tulle, what would I look like?

I think I would look like a divided personality. Personally, I prefer the one in the middle.

I love Gothic inspired pieces, and part of my learning to sew is so I can expand my Gothic Wardrobe (as well as a build a Tea Party Wardrobe)! You can look forward to more of my dark-inspired creative endeavours here.

Many thanks to Tony Lin for the photography! And thank you  for the opportunity to share 🙂 There are some great entries this month!

(In case those of you in the know were wondering, my horse lost.)