Fairies Everywhere Aware for Breast Cancer Awareness


Sometimes, the smallest actions can make the biggest difference.

Raise awareness of breast cancer by doing something safely bizarre. I know nobody reads my status updates... but sometimes, when I'm alone I get wrapped up in my fairy wings and lather butter all over myself and slide around the kitchen floor pretending that I am a fairy.

As a person who is quite passionate about pretty things, I can really struggle with the amount of real benefit little ol’ me can bring to this world. I consider what I do know: I know nice colour schemes, I know how to make a book pretty and a website a pleasant experience. But could I save a life?

You could argue I’ve already saved two, that I know of. Felix was a stray cat and Missy was reaching the maximum age for kitty foster care. Neither of them have a real worry in the world now ❤

There are of course many causes in the world one can commit themselves to. Breast cancer awareness is one that, while it receives much of attention (and money) already, still affects almost every one of us. Every day 7 women die from breast cancer in Australia, according to The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in Australia.

Part 1: The Post that Started me off

It’s not quite ready yet: Fairy Slide for Breast Cancer Awareness (and creativity sparkles)

Part 2: Social Awareness

This is covered in this post for now, but I will move it here.

Part 3:  Something More Meaningful

It’s one thing to post something on Facebook, tweet, pin, whatever… it doesn’t end there. The National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia aims for ZERO deaths from breast cancer by 2030—as of this writing that’s only 15 years away. Fifteen years is not a huge amount of time. I’ll be 45 years old by then and I plan to have a lot of living left to do.

In my small way today, right now, I’m pointing anyone who finds this page to the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation’s donation page. They have a nice and secure set up for taking online donations and if you check out this page, they offer a few different ways to donate as well.*

Donate today on the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation website
Donate today on the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation website

* Also borrowing their button as they have a very pretty website and a very nice button.

Now, a very important thing to note:
At no point will I accept money via any means to ‘pass on’ or donate on behalf of anyone. Don’t ask me to make a payment for you as the answer is NO. Just click the nice friendly button above and the NBCF have it all covered.



Why am I doing this?
Sometimes, the smallest actions can make the biggest difference.

If my website and social media graphic designs get a few more dollars into breast cancer research, I’ll be happy, I’ll sleep a little easier. For years I believed I was born into one of the lucky families that are not affected, but time has shown that’s not the case and my family has been touched by breast cancer. It’s possible I might be checking up myself one day. Fortunately for our family though, all cases were managed successfully, due in no small part to the relentless efforts of organisations such as the NBCF.

Why choose the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in Australia?

Well, mainly because I’m Australian and I live here, and most likely will for a long while yet. Secondly, the NBCF has a strong presence in Australia and has the capacity to handle large donations and fundraising efforts to support the heavy costs of research and testing.

In goodwill and for the sake of full disclosure, I’m not affiliated with nor a partner of NBCF (yet?). You’ll notice I haven’t stuck their logo here. To my knowledge NBCF don’t know about my ‘pretty experiment’ yet, it’s 11:00pm on a Friday night and I just want to try to do some good without getting stuck down (but that’s more due my own poor perception and lacking in time management skills at the moment…).

On that note, if you are from the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia (Hi!!!) and need to inform me of something before I find you, leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch as soon as possible! My comment form is moderated and nothing goes live without my approving it.

What about the rest of the world?

That’s the thing about having a crafty blog at the bottom on the world—My site visitors come from all over the world! If you find this page and think there should be a link for donating to a breast cancer research institute in your country, leave a comment with the institute’s website and your country below. It will take me some time to get the link up as I will need to do my own checks on unknown-to-me fundraising organisations. I’ll only post a link if I believe it to be a genuine and ethical foundation for breast cancer research.

One last thing…

Are you the Original Person for whom nobody ever reads their statuses but sometimes, when you get bored, you get wrapped up in your fairy wings and lather butter all over yourself and you slide around your kitchen floor pretending that you are a fairy? Or are you one of the Originals who adapted the chain in this present-future game of Chinese Whispers? If so, you gotta get your name on this page. You(s) inspired me.


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