Star Anise Crochet Blanket Update!

It’s been a while for many things and one of those is an update on the Star Anise Blanket!


It’s actually big enough now to use as a blanket over the two of us while on the lounge. The cats still have some trouble getting comfy with it when we’re using it…


But when we’re not you can forget about it.



There is more wool to buy and still more to do. And a lot of ends to weave in.

Stay creative!


Grey Crochet Cowl for Him or for Me

Grey Cowl: Close Up The Yarns

I’ve had such an urge to make crochet things these last few weeks, which is strange because I can’t wear any of them when they’re done – it’s just too hot!! I think I’m craving the peaceful repetition of hooking stitch after stitch, which could also explain this cowl made completely in single crochet.

Grey Cowl: Flat

I can imagine Sweetheart and I sharing this one! It’s a great unisex style. I’ll wear on those days I don’t feel so girly and Sweetheart can wear it whenever he likes 🙂

The twist was semi-accidental. I knew there was a possibility of it happening but I didn’t know how, and I think I wanted it to happen anyway. It certainly looks good to me. I also learned a new stitch on this scarf: crab stitch! I was looking up how to finish an edge without doing a lace or picots, and this fit the bill. This is great how-to tutorial on Woolly Wonder.

Grey Cowl: Close Up

Aah single crochet, how you ease my mind.

Stay calm!

Happy Holidays and a Merry 2013!

Wool Dreams

Odd now that the holidays are over I can finally make time to update you on my crafty exploits! Hoorah!

While December was by far my worst-posting month, I did get pretty crafty towards the end of 2012 again, and even made it to Sew 2012 wearable items! (Three were still in progress as of 12am 31 December 2012…) Which in fact gets me past the half-way point of my goal to sew 52 wearable items in 2012! Pretty awesome effort, considering the year also included a promotion at work, an interstate move and unprecedented stress levels :/ I have lots of photos to take 🙂

In the meantime, the holidays were very relaxing. Sweetheart gave me some new alpaca yarn 😀

A Rouge Vegetable!

I found a rouge vegetable in the ex-vegetable patch.

Pool View

We watched the New Year fireworks from our balcony.

The Twelve Apostles, Victoria Australia

And went for a drive to the Twelve Apostles. Very beautiful but slightly misleading.

Stay tuned, 2013 will be even craftier!

Star Anise Crochet Blanket


Don’t let this lovely photograph fool you! You didn’t miss anything, the Star Anise Blanket is most definitely not finished yet. In fact, it hasn’t gotten any bigger since my last update. Gosh I didn’t realise it was so long ago!

No, this Star Anise Blanket is folded up neatly and smally to be packed into a box for a few weeks. We’re moving house!

For the next few weeks I can look at these pictures and think how lovely it is, and let that motivate me to create some more hexgons in between packing and un-packing boxes. I’m sure I’ll find the time! 😛

Woolly loveliness.

I’ve had to pack up all my sewing things so there won’t be any new clothes for a little while. To minimise crafty withdrawals, I’ve put together a crochet travel kit:

And mapped out the point when the Star Anise Blanket got packed up:

Still lots to do.

Of course, me being me I actually have two crochet travel kits. There is this one, and another one that is a small box stuffed with at least 5 other projects. Plus there will be wool shops on the way. So I won’t be running out of crochet expressionism!

One more for the road:

Stay inspired!

Completed Crochet Project: Rosie Pinecone Delicacy Beret and Grandma Punk One Mitt

Sometimes, nothing calms you like a nice cup of tea. Sometimes, you have to take it to the next level and complete an entire hat in one eight-hour sitting letting said cup of tea go cold.


I absolutely freaking love this hat!!

Feeling a bit down, I hunted through my stash for one of my Special Yarns. I hadn’t imagined what Rosie, a lovely soft 8ply handspun alpaca yarn, would become when I bought it. As the months passed I thought it might make a nice hat. So I hunted around on Ravelry and found a few nice patterns, but decided to give this one a try.

Now I wasn’t too sold on the hat in the picture but thought it was still nice enough. As it happens, mine turned out a bit bigger and floppier which I love! The floppiness of my version demanded a pom-pom, to which I obliged. I made it on three fingers on my left hand, so when I cut it it came out with a funky pine cone shape 😀


Hat being finished, I still had a nice amount of yarn left. I thought I could probably make a pair of fingerless wrist-lets with it to match. Amateur thought wrong. I could make ONE fingerless wrist-let to match.


It’s pretty neat. I like it. The One Mitt will forever be an individual. That’s what makes it Punk. Because I said so.

See how matchy-matchy they are!

Here’s an arty shot from the back:

And here it is in action, with Grandma Punk One Mitt Style Fist Shaking:

I was trying to look mean and punk. Failure is always an option I guess.

Stay happy!

Star Anise Blanket, Oh How It Grows!

Things are progressing on the Star Anise Blanket front. Lucky it’s getting colder, because a few weeks ago it was just to warm to stitch the hexagons together with the growing mass of blanket on my lap.

It’s exciting. It’s almost at a usable size now! And the points! It’s really coming together!


Crochet: The Star Anise Blanket points in the right direction

I made a very good point the other day:

Har har.

Bad puns aside, I did make a very good point to myself. My plan to join all my next round of blues wasn’t going to work that well as I realised I had to join all the blues with blue, and the browns and greens were going to be joined with green. The the creams would be joined with cream. Well there was some logic to it anyway. Point is I made a point.

But that’s not all! While this exciting addition was being made, the house was in disarray. Sweetheart turned the house into a photography studio and we had the amazingly talented make up artist Dave Reid and lovely model Anne Duffy over for a cup of tea. Then I couldn’t help but to get involved in Sweetheart’s fun 😀

I’m sure the Star Anise Blanket just become the most popular crochet blanket on the Interwebs. In the meantime though, I promised Anne that next time we shoot there will be more blanket to keep her warm!

Check out this picture Sweetheart also took on the night – simply amazing and an awesomely fun day!

Stay warm

My Handmade Scarf #1: Manly Alpaca Crochet

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m going to whip up some new scarves for myself this year. And as I do, every week until winter I’ll share with you the ones I’ve made before – After all this site is all about cataloguing the stuff I make and (I hope!) inspires your to create your own!

First up is the Official Posting of the Manly Alpaca Crochet Scarf. I’ve mentioned this one before, shared an action shot of me wearing it and attempted and arty product photograph fail:

Why is this naturally lacy scarf manly? Because Sweetheart picked the colour for me. Har har!

This pattern was lovely and easy to create, I found it in a learn-to-crochet book I had bought. I’d love to give this pattern another go at some point and try it in a more feminine yarn.


Star Anise Blanket Crochet Update

As Star Anise Blanket lies about the lounge room unfinished and aloof, it has begun to attract compliments from our house guests lucky enough to see it. Progress has been slow recently, but it’s now at a size that’s a bit hard to miss.

I’ve decided to finish all the hexagons for the next round before I attach them, and this is proving to be a test of my resolve. I have about 30 ready to go and it’s so tempting to give in and just attach a few… But no! I must be strong.

In the meantime, I have settled on the final direction. I will stick to my design I worked out a few months ago, and I’ve found the right combination to surround the star – the neutral beige and white combo above. What do you think?

I can’t wait to finish this, I’m going to have a beautiful piece when it’s done! 😀

Stay creative!

Crochet Star Anise Blanket reachs a Felix Milestone

I wasn’t planning another update on the Star Anise Blanket so soon, as I’ve run out of a two colours of yarn and have yet to buy more. It also hasn’t progressed a huge deal from my last update, but in the past week or so the Blanket has gained Important Recognition in our family.

Felix has Accepted the Star Anise Blanket.

Before this week, Felix hasn’t thought much of the ‘Blanket’. Rather, he avoided it like the plague and always walked around it if it were laid out on the floor (which it often was.). But this week, Sweetheart called me away from my sewing specifically to show me Felix’s new spot!

It’s as if it were made just for him. But then again, don’t we exist and the house was built just for him? Certainly seems so!