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My handmade store’s humble beginnings started in my much loved yard in the sun. With no office job at the moment, I needed something to keep me happy and crafting has always been it! Miss dreamed up one of my favourite first designs while having a nap…


Ultra-Mega Wool Crochet Scarf Blanket!

I said Ultra-mega, but what I may have meant was ULTRA-MEGA!!!

This scarf is so huge, I can lay it across our queen size bed as a foot/Felix blanket. This scarf is sooo huge, curiosity got the better of me and for the first time ever I measured one of my completed crochet projects.

It’s 255cm long and 38cm wide. That’s 100 inches long and 15 inches wide.

What’s more, it’s mega warm. I actually was in a light sweat while weaving in the ends. I bought this wool on eBay from a lovely lady, and the skeins had little labels with the names of the sheep the wool came from. The outer white stripes are from Kelly, the black wool stripes are from Curly, and the middle white stripe came from Pixie. Sadly the grey stripes didn’t come with a name tag, so I named the mystery sheep Storm.

Storm and Curly’s wool are still tacky with the sheeps’ natural lanolin. My hands felt so soft at the end of those rows and it seems to be marvellous at retaining warmth.

As it grew on my lap, Sweetheart kept putting it over himself. I think he likes it. It makes us both giggle how monstrously large this scarf is, but there’s absolutely no question we are warm when we wear it!

Star Anise Blanket Crochet Update

As Star Anise Blanket lies about the lounge room unfinished and aloof, it has begun to attract compliments from our house guests lucky enough to see it. Progress has been slow recently, but it’s now at a size that’s a bit hard to miss.

I’ve decided to finish all the hexagons for the next round before I attach them, and this is proving to be a test of my resolve. I have about 30 ready to go and it’s so tempting to give in and just attach a few… But no! I must be strong.

In the meantime, I have settled on the final direction. I will stick to my design I worked out a few months ago, and I’ve found the right combination to surround the star – the neutral beige and white combo above. What do you think?

I can’t wait to finish this, I’m going to have a beautiful piece when it’s done! πŸ˜€

Stay creative!

Crochet Star Anise Blanket reachs a Felix Milestone

I wasn’t planning another update on the Star Anise Blanket so soon, as I’ve run out of a two colours of yarn and have yet to buy more. It also hasn’t progressed a huge deal from my last update, but in the past week or so the Blanket has gained Important Recognition in our family.

Felix has Accepted the Star Anise Blanket.

Before this week, Felix hasn’t thought much of the ‘Blanket’. Rather, he avoided it like the plague and always walked around it if it were laid out on the floor (which it often was.). But this week, Sweetheart called me away from my sewing specifically to show me Felix’s new spot!

It’s as if it were made just for him. But then again, don’t we exist and the house was built just for him? Certainly seems so!