Bundle of Blue: Completed Crochet Project

Here’s another one for the completed & posted pile! A pretty little cowl neck scarf.

Blue Cowl Scarf

Would you believe I made this way back in April this year?! Blog-wise it wasn’t that long ago since I haven’t been posting much over winter, but really it was about six months ago. I’ve gotten quite a bit of wear out of it πŸ™‚

Blue Cowl Scarf

I had a fair amount of wool left over from the scarf I made for aΒ little family member.

The added bonus with this post is I updated my Ravelry profile with it! You can see the project details including pattern here, albeit I’ve forgotten the type of wool I used…

Stay crochetin’



Grey Crochet Cowl for Him or for Me

Grey Cowl: Close Up The Yarns

I’ve had such an urge to make crochet things these last few weeks, which is strange because I can’t wear any of them when they’re done – it’s just too hot!! I think I’m craving the peaceful repetition of hooking stitch after stitch, which could also explain this cowl made completely in single crochet.

Grey Cowl: Flat

I can imagine Sweetheart and I sharing this one! It’s a great unisex style. I’ll wear on those days I don’t feel so girly and Sweetheart can wear it whenever he likes πŸ™‚

The twist was semi-accidental. I knew there was a possibility of it happening but I didn’t know how, and I think I wanted it to happen anyway. It certainly looks good to me. I also learned a new stitch on this scarf: crab stitch! I was looking up how to finish an edge without doing a lace or picots, and this fit the bill.Β This is great how-to tutorial on Woolly Wonder.

Grey Cowl: Close Up

Aah single crochet, how you ease my mind.

Stay calm!

My Handmade Scarf #9: Weirdly Crochet Neck Cowl + FREE Pattern!

When I learned to crochet back in 2010, I didn’t stop. I loved it. One weekend while in Perth, I ran out of ‘travel’ wool and demanded to be shown the nearest craft department store.

Having received my wish, I chose some cheap fun yarns (I was still learning and had not yet discovered the true joy of beautiful and soft yarns) and continued hooking happily. This was made from one of those fun yarns:

My idea baffled the people we were visiting. They couldn’t understand why I wanted an extremely long and thin scarf. I knew though.

In fact, I now think this is such a fantastic beginner project that I wrote the pattern out to share with you!

Download away and have fun! I only ask that you also use this pattern for fun – go crazy for friends, family and yourself, any non-commercial project you like πŸ™‚

If you do make this, I’d love to see your creations! Post a pic on your blog and feel free to leave a comment linking to it on here. One of the great joys of being online is just plain ol’ sharing! πŸ˜€

Stay creative!

Sewing Re-fashion: Cowl Scarf and Weird Mittens from Cashmere Jumper

It’s summer here in Australia, a lovely mild one but summer nonetheless. I recently uncovered some moth-eaten sweaters, so here is my first item for Morgan Sin’s Seasonally Inappropriate Knitwear Catalogue 2012!

All the way from Chicago comes this lovely cashmere sweater:

There are few moth holes at the back near the neck. The sleeve cuffs became the opening of weird mittens and I wove some hat elastic around them to keep them on. Then I cut the arms and neck off, cutting underarm to underarm so I had a nice tube. Finally I finished the cut edge with a really short zig-zag stitch that made it ruffle and curl most pleasantly.

Sewing Re-fashion: Cowl Scarf and Weird Mittens from Cashmere Sweater

Tada! Now I have lovely matching cowl scarf and mittens I’m not going to need for another 6 months.