A creativity flare brings new projects – and products!

It’s a wonderful feeling to be getting creative again! That means I pulled out my old beading tools… it has been a while indeed!

I find myself with a lot of time on my hands these days to heal and reflect, which is bittersweet as I’m often not one to have a lot of time on my hands on account of I like being busy. Call me a creature of habit, but I did just that – got myself busy.

That means I’ve finally got something to show you after months and months of silence! Oh how fickle life can be. Anyways, there’s a bonus this time… I’ve decided to actually sell some of my creations! Yep, every thing I’m showing off in this post: I made it and I’m selling it in my brand new Etsy store!

Enough of that, here’s the juicy bits: click on the pic to see the listing on Etsy.

I fell in love with these blue glass crystals and had to make something a bit fancy with them and some Swarovski crystals I already had…

Glass bead and crystal necklace with pearl Swarovski crystals
Glass bead and crystal necklace with pearl Swarovski crystals

And then was obliged to make some coordinating earrings:

Vintage pearl and blue crystal earrings
Vintage pearl and blue crystal earrings

I realised I hadn’t made much using gold yet, so I gave it a go and was quite pleased:

Glass bead and gold chain necklace
Glass bead and gold chain necklace

And this one I just wanted some matchy-matchy fun with copper findings and the copper sparkle in the glass beads. I made matching earrings for this one too! I will list those soon…

Copper glass bead necklace
Copper glass bead necklace

Then I got stuck into the feathers. But the feathers, thankfully, did not get stuck on me.

Lilac diamante and feather brooch or hair clip
Lilac diamante and feather brooch or hair clip
Feather and Filigree Hair Barrette Clip Turquoise and Blue
Feather and Filigree Hair Barrette Clip Turquoise and Blue
Crystal beaded feather hair barrette clip with seashells
Crystal beaded feather hair barrette clip with seashells

And lastly I made a gorgeous hair barrette from some New Zealand paua seashells I bought on our holiday there some time ago:

New Zealand Pāua Shell Hair Barrettes Clip with 4 shell chips
New Zealand Pāua Shell Hair Barrettes Clip with 4 shell chips

So after all this time, I’ve finally made a crafty post instead of just talking about it! How does it feel? Feels like I’m needing to write quite a few more… but first, a nap! Like my cats.

Yeah, I still got it. Stay happy!


Getting past the overwhelm: Make a list


Many things suck, such as having too much to do on your plate. In terms of craft projects I don’t really have that many, but other parts of life have taken over and left Crafty Time in the dark.

It’s time Crafty Time fights back.

Just how do I do this? And what can I share with you to help you get going again if you’re in a similar situation?

I don’t know really.  I’m feeling a bit fake-it-till-you-make-it today and it seems as good as any other strategy.

Threes seem to work. So here’s three things to do on this Sunday evening to get me through:

1. Eat dinner.
2. Pick an outfit for work tomorrow.
3. Dig up a hand sewing project and do that till I fall asleep.

The hand sewing project could be beads onto my corset, or hand rolling a hem on a piece of chiffon or that sequiny lace I got. Decisions!

Contemplation and Craftiness.


I found myself catching a thought about this blog and how I’ve not added to it for some time. I was even contemplating closing it down.

I figured a few less things to do and worry about would be good for my soul. While I think the thinking is correct, surely removing this blog is not one of the right things to remove.

If I recall the reasons I started writing back in 2011 and the happiness it brought me over the following months, why then does it make sense to delete this little corner of the interwebs? What about the smiles it brought to those who read it, and according to my stats, still are reading it??


Phew, I’m glad I got that sorted out.

I’m not sure when my next creative foray will come to be published here, time is fickle and energy sporadic.

I feel the need to return to the notion that my sewing and creative time is above all else, happy and relaxed therapy time. Not mending time, not favour time, not client time, not business development time.

Just ordinary, unobstructed creative free time so I can revive myself and get clarity for living the rest of my life. It’s not a luxury for me, it’s vital to remaining balanced in this crazy money-hungry middle-class.

So bring on the ‘Selfish Seamstress.’ That girl is onto something!

Get inspired 😉

Awesome Pants of Power (Or Something Rather Different)

And now for Something Rather Different.


Pants of Power

When ShandiiShan of Shandii Crafts showed me how to make your own pyjama pants from a pair you already own, I knew this was the beginning of something beautiful.

Visions of supermarket trips, theatre-goings, high tea afternoons and international plane trips all undertaken in the comfort of pyjama pants danced through my head.

Not to mention when the High-Street designers and Vogue deemed Pyjama Pants the next hottest trend I was determined not to let this one die.

And here we are in 2014 and I’m instigating the Pyjama Pant Trend Revival. Who’s with me?! YEAH!

Pants of Power: Seams to be

This fabric I bought on our trip to Malaysia in 2012. Quite the haul that was. I wasn’t sure what it would become, maybe a dress or a skirt, it didn’t really matter. All I knew is that it wasn’t so easy to get this fabric at home and I was leaving with a lot of it.

Now I have a day job where Pencil Skirts are overkill and wearing jeans everyday really isn’t my thing. Comfy pants are in order. This fabric presented itself as the perfect match!

Pants of Power: Detail

The salesman and the sign told me it was silk, but you know how salesmen are. I was sceptical because it was so cheap, although not the cheapest fabric they had which beared the sign ‘Polyester’. I liked the feel and pattern and decided to buy a few anyway, I’m not that much of a fabric snob (yet?). After getting it back home those with more experience than I tell me it’s a polyester-silk mix. I can live with that! 😀

Pants of Power: Proof of Pantessence

With the first pair down there will be more of these fantabulous pants. My world needs more of them, and so does yours!

Stay comfy!

I am 2.

My blog is now two years old. Oh my!

While it has been much quieter on this front in the last few months, my creative exploits have seldom been far from my mind. Whether I’m wishing I had the energy to make something or working on something to post later, it’s still been a happy thought to think about writing here and sharing my fun with you.

The biggest block I’ve faced during my silence here is how to take photos! We’ve moved into a lovely house but I haven’t yet worked out how, where and when I’m to take pictures of the things I’ve finished. With other events in my life I regularly got distracted while trying to solve this dilemma.

Very soon I will have FIVE finished skirts to tell you about! When that happens, photos will need to be taken so I must figure it out!

In the meantime, here’s the only picture I took while in Singapore in April this year.


I’ve also been pottering in the garden a bit, removing weeds and thinking up grand designs for the wonderful flower and vegetable beds I’ll have. This garden has been fairly unkempt for three or fours years but it’s clear that at one point it was loved dearly. Among the overgrown shrubs I found these two:



I pretty sure the top one is white silverbeet and I suspect the other bottom one might be a chilli of some kind. Time will tell!

Stay calm 🙂

My Creativity ToDo List


I have missed my blog, reading other awesome your wonderful comments, and generally being creative. While I have been busy, it’s nice to get back to doing what makes me smile while expressing myself!

One thing I was glad to catch upon re-acquainting myself with the blogging world was this great little post about creativity from Alli Rense. It came at a really timely moment for me – I was starting to feel calmer and more creative and, you know what? Writing a little Creativity ToDo List is just what I need 😀

Have I been stuck? Yep. But the fog is lifting. Hooray! So many things I want to do, so a list can help me keep it easy. Like Alli, I’ll limit myself to 5 creative things…

My Creativity ToDo List:

  1. Finish all blue points on the Star Anise Blanket
  2. Sew an awesome office dress
  3. Complete and frame my 15 year old cross-stitch
  4. Self-publish my Annual Book
  5. Draw a still life

There are some project-style things there, but progress makes me just as happy as a finished thing!

Bring on winter!

Wardrobe Analysis Part 1: Colours

Having not yet grown-up, I took my coloured pencils into my wardrobe for some organisation relaxation and made colour swatches of my clothes:

There’s actually a lot of black, and heaps of red in varying shades. And pinks. And not many patterns or textures.

Then I checked out my stash:

A whole lot more colour. Since most of my stash is bought on a whim from opshops, I generally pick up the fabrics that are nice to touch and in good colours.

From this I deduced my current situation:

  • I have too much pink in my wardrobe. I don’t really like pink.
  • I like wearing dark colours with the occasional light coloured outfit.
  • I like rich fabrics.
  • I like textures, but don’t seem to have many.
  • I like some prints, but have very few.
  • I like basics that can mix and match with anything.
  • I like fitted clothes.

With that in mind, I jumped online and found some fabrics that would build my basics –  neutrals, jewels, patterns and textures:

Now to decide what to make from it all 😀

Stay inspired

May goes out with a Fizzle and I talk to my Sewing Machine.

What a strange month May has been. I mean, not really, like, you know, things have been weirder, but May was weird, just sayin’.

I didn’t get to sewing or anything much crafty on account of being very busy with the day job. At the end of such busy days my mind preferred to switch off rather than solve my sewing problems, and even my Pinterest account didn’t get much of a look-in.

However, in between switching off and weekends I did manage to plod along with trying to perfect my first sewing pattern.


Alas, there’s not much perfecting going on. The above dress is too big in some places. It’s also beige and incredibly boring. It’s made from the same length of op-shop fabric as my first Sew 2012 dress and some new lining. After going too far with the Dismal Success Dress, I had tried going back to the original pattern I made Madly Happy Sunny Dress with, which happens to fit quite well. It didn’t work. Maybe a difference with the fabric?

In my quest to perfect this pattern, I’ve left it unhemmed for now. A UFO! I expect I’ll feel like adjusting and finishing it one day. So I moved on:


Same pattern, different problems. I made the adjustments based on what I wanted to change in the boring beige dress above, but this is also not happening. This dress is too small in the bust and too big in the hips! Furthermore the armholes are just small enough to be rather uncomfortable. Oh well. The hips are an easy fix but the rest would require major surgery (on me or the dress, though I would prefer on the dress.).

The fabric I like but I think it would be very impractical in my current wardrobe. It’s a heavy matt satin which I’ve seen wedding dresses made out of. If it was wearable I don’t think I’d wear it very much. I also need to stop making dresses in satin.


So! Right now I’m stumped. How is that I’ve made 4 dresses from this pattern and only one fits – and oddly enough it was the first one!? Is it me?

I look at my sewing machine. “Or is it you?” I ask regretfully. We share a long look and we both know it isn’t. “Perhaps it’s the fabric then.” I wonder aloud.

The fabric raises its eyebrow and gives a warning glance from its high hanging position. “You know it isn’t me. I know my properties and abide by them, but do you really know me? All I have seen so far shows me that you do not.”

Fabric and I look at each other for a long time. I know it’s right. I don’t know my fabric at all beyond pretty and stretchy, pretty and woven, and ugly. The pattern, who had been sitting patiently on the floor, glanced up at the fabric with a knowing eye and then looked reassuringly at me.

“With patience and pin, We all know you’ll win.
Silence the violin! You’re Morgan Sin!”

Pattern always knows what to say. Sometimes it’s bit hard to understand, but it always knows. In fact, I think pattern and I will go do some fabric Googling right about now.

Stay confident!

I need your help! What is this?

Remember my yarn stash post a few weeks ago? Well, turned out that post was more popular that I thought it would be! I have been busy with my wool; I’ve discovered the joys of Ravelry and all its woolly goodness! Check out my profile here and don’t be shy 🙂

Anyway, there is this in my stash:


The yarn, a beautiful alpaca and silk mix made in Peru, was left over from a knit shawl I made for a friend. I had one ball left, so I decided to start something for myself. After creating most of the motif, I realised it wasn’t going to work out the way I wanted it to (not that I’m sure I ever really knew), and it wasn’t unravelling very well so I kept going, making up the last six or seven rows as I went.

So now I have a lovely soft and floppy motif with frilly edges about 28 cm (11″) in diameter. Too small for a hat, frilly edges make it too weird to make another and join. I still have almost a full ball of the stuff, so we’ve go some wiggle room.

Do you have any ideas of what this delightful disc might become?

Stay happy! xx

A trip away increases the Bead Stash…

or Morganisation: My Beading/Jewellery Making Stash Part 2

Sweetheart and I recently treated ourselves to a trip to Sydney, Australia.

There is something about cities that stir something in me. Sometimes I try to capture it, but I’m often not sure I succeed… This is my latest attempt at photography, what do you think? 🙂

On an slightly unrelated note, we (I) stumbled across a closing down sale at a bead store – I ended up stocking up on a few things! It’s terrible going into shops like this without a project in mind, apparently I was wandering around in this tiny shop for about 45 minutes before Sweetheart urged me on! It’s like grocery shopping on an empty stomach!

Some ideas did evolve out of these pretty little things 🙂