Crochet Double Doily Shawl with Possum!

My dears, it’s time for a crochet post. Are you ready?!



Missy observed and acknowledged the shawl but also pointed out the state of her bowl immediately after dinner.

This is my latest achievement with crochet. The centre in black is New Zealand possum yarn and is very light and warm. The purple on the outside is a stock standard wool from the crafty department store, nothing really special. It is heavier than the possum yarn so the drape is a little unpredictable depending where you’re holding it from, but I like it nonetheless.

You can find more details and the pattern here on my Ravelry page. I used a doily pattern just to make a pretty doily with a better purpose that sitting under ornaments.

The lump next to it in the last photo is its matching hat.

Missy is also a lump at times but in this case not the lump I am talking about.

I am certainly building up a backlog of items I need to model. At least I’m on top of the posting! πŸ˜€

Stay creative


Mug Shots of Pencil Skirts #02: Woollen Wonder

A stretchy wool found in an opshop.

Woollen Wonder Pencil Skirt - Front

Woollen Wonder Pencil Skirt - Waistband and darts

Woollen Wonder Pencil Skirt - Back Vent

Woollen Wonder Pencil Skirt - Blind Hem

Woollen Wonder Pencil Skirt - Back Waistband fastening and zip

Bundle of Blue: Completed Crochet Project

Here’s another one for the completed & posted pile! A pretty little cowl neck scarf.

Blue Cowl Scarf

Would you believe I made this way back in April this year?! Blog-wise it wasn’t that long ago since I haven’t been posting much over winter, but really it was about six months ago. I’ve gotten quite a bit of wear out of it πŸ™‚

Blue Cowl Scarf

I had a fair amount of wool left over from the scarf I made for aΒ little family member.

The added bonus with this post is I updated my Ravelry profile with it! You can see the project details including pattern here, albeit I’ve forgotten the type of wool I used…

Stay crochetin’


Star Anise Crochet Blanket Update!

It’s been a while for many things and one of those is an update on the Star Anise Blanket!


It’s actually big enough now to use as a blanket over the two of us while on the lounge. The cats still have some trouble getting comfy with it when we’re using it…


But when we’re not you can forget about it.



There is more wool to buy and still more to do. And a lot of ends to weave in.

Stay creative!



I should be sleeping. But hey. I’m going to start my 19th consecutive day of work tomorrow yet I don’t think there is anything more important than to tell you I finished this mat tonight.


It’s quite nice. It smells all woolly. I used a rug wool I bought online about a year ago and was trying to make a cat cozy with it. But that hasn’t happened and I’m okay with that.

This mat happened.




No toes.


This post makes me happy not just because I have a finished thing to show you but also because my photos are acceptably nice. I’ve had such a delay in taking photos since we moved house and in most of the time I seem to have spare there is no good light for photos with my phone or little camera. I guess it took 19+ days of working to much to say WHATEVS Let’s just take a bad photo and be done with it to find out that I can still take a good photo.

I hope that cats will like it. I made it for them.

Stay happy!

Beauty Blue Gift: A Completed Crochet Project


It happened!

I’ve reached the official point of being asked to make gifts for other people. Previously l had just made things for people whether they wanted them or not. But I’m enjoying this new approach and have a growing list of gifts to make.


This muffler is a gift for a little family member. I’d hoped to make something for her that will last for years both in style and quality. I hope l nailed it!!


It turned out so lovely I think I want to make fo myself… ;D

Stay happy!

Lovely Cotton Stole – Crochet Gone Vintage!

Lovely Lace Cotton Crochet Stole

I bought this cotton yarn over a year ago, when I was first exploring fabulous yarns. I bought it online just to see what it was like. Well I loved it. But Inspiration had not struck so I didn’t buy more and I stayed in my stash all this time, until now!

A few weeks ago it was a friend’s birthday, and all of a sudden I knew what had to be done. I looked in my stash for an appropriate colour, but all I had was black! And good thing too, because I don’t think this could have turned out any better.

After some hunting, I found this Japanese crochet pattern on Ravelry and got to work! Once I started on the fringing, I worried there wouldn’t be enough yarn to complete it, and it turned out I was right. I decided instead to do one row of single crochet all around and I think it actually turned out much nicer. And you know what else? No pair of scissors ever touched this yarn. All I had was 3 inches left to weave in and that was it! My modified version was the perfect fit for this ball of yarn!

Clearly it was all meant to be. My friend loved it!

Stay creative

Grey Crochet Cowl for Him or for Me

Grey Cowl: Close Up The Yarns

I’ve had such an urge to make crochet things these last few weeks, which is strange because I can’t wear any of them when they’re done – it’s just too hot!! I think I’m craving the peaceful repetition of hooking stitch after stitch, which could also explain this cowl made completely in single crochet.

Grey Cowl: Flat

I can imagine Sweetheart and I sharing this one! It’s a great unisex style. I’ll wear on those days I don’t feel so girly and Sweetheart can wear it whenever he likes πŸ™‚

The twist was semi-accidental. I knew there was a possibility of it happening but I didn’t know how, and I think I wanted it to happen anyway. It certainly looks good to me. I also learned a new stitch on this scarf: crab stitch! I was looking up how to finish an edge without doing a lace or picots, and this fit the bill.Β This is great how-to tutorial on Woolly Wonder.

Grey Cowl: Close Up

Aah single crochet, how you ease my mind.

Stay calm!

Mystery Scarf No Longer A Mystery – Completed Crochet Project

Mystery Scarf Flat

I started the Mystery Scarf back in March 2012, and finished in December! It was an impromtu buy, I loved the wool and wanted a project to fill some inspiration gap, so I wasn’t sure what it was going to finish up as. But now that it is finished, I am very much in love!

Mystery Scarf Detail

The only thing I think I did wrong was my blocking technique. I’m new to blocking and for this springy woolly yarn I probably shouldn’t have squashed it with the iron. Oops, live and learn. I’ve since learned the proper non-quishy technique and I was amazed – it really does seems to work like magic to me! πŸ˜€

Being an Australian Summer around here, it’s totally the wrong season for modelling scarves. Perhaps I’ll suck it up and put the air con on for an Inappropriate Seasonal Knitwear shoot.

Yay! Stay creative

Sea-foam Baby Blanket – Woohoo for completed projects!


A few months ago I found out I’m going to be an auntie (of sorts)! So the proper Crazy Cat Crochet Lady thing to do is, of course, crochet up a baby blanket. Well, it’s finished πŸ˜€

As there is no baby just yet, Felix graciously offered to model it while he napped.



It’s nice to have a crochet project crossed off the list, first one in a while! I actually have quite a bit of sewing success to share, as soon as I can muster some modelling time.

Stay happy! πŸ˜€