Gorgeous Red Heart bead stitched choker necklace

One day recently I decided to pick up my beading kit again. It’s been some time since I made something, even longer since I learned a new craft! I’ve been wanting to learn how to do bead netting for a while, and with some time energy to spare I busted out the seed beads. This is what happened:

Gorgeous Red Heart bead stitched choker necklace

Gorgeous Red Heart bead stitched choker necklace

Gorgeous Red Heart bead stitched choker necklace

Gorgeous! I am so please with the results. Of course, it’s only triggered a new flow of ideas to try!

What’s more, I’ve decided I’ll be adding this one to my Etsy shop. There’s only so much handmade jewellery one girl can have – so it’s time to share the love and make some of my best creations available for sale.

You can see and purchase this necklace on my Etsy store, Pins and Patience, right here!

Stay excited!



My latest project has me rather excited.

Over a year ago I made a simple post about a corset-making kit I bought. Well today, I present to you the beginings of a corset made from that kit!


Golden Joy! Cut the pieces…


… all the pieces. Line them up…


And magically install the busk!




Bruise your hands installing the eyelets…


… and take some time to recover.


Sew it all together!


And all of a sudden I have half a corset! Part 2 will knock your socks off soon!!

Stay inspired

Completed: Satin Stole for A Japan Wedding

‘What, another stole?’ I hear you exclaim! It could be said that all other stoles were the precursor for this one.

Completed: Satin Stole for A Japan Wedding

As it got closer to Shandii of ShandiiCrafts‘ wedding, we organised our outfits and it became apparent we needed something if it was a bit cool. I showed her my stole and she was sold! We chose the satin in a colour to match her dress and I got sewing.

Completed: Satin Stole for A Japan Wedding

I made three matching stoles, one for me, the other bridesmaid and Shandii the Bride. I put the finishing touches on them in Hokkaido, Japan and they got their final press in Okayama.

Completed: Satin Stole for A Japan Wedding - On Model

For most of the day it was lovely and we almost didn’t need them, but the wind picked up and it was a little chilly in the shade.

The ceremony was beautiful and six months on the happy couple are still happy 🙂

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin Stole and Flower Brooch

Red wasn’t the colour for me at the Important Event, so after making my first stole from Weekend Designer I set about modifying it to be more elegant and in a colour to better suit my dress, which I’d established was going to be navy blue matte satin.

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin Stol

One thing I’d noticed between the pattern directions and the photograph on the Weekend Designer page was the photograph had a more elongated shape. I set about re-drawing my pattern to mimic a nicely tapered oblong and the above was the result.

I still had a problem with my dress – the one I bought was a size or two too big which I knew I could modify. But being time-poor busy me, I didn’t get up to that and then ran out of time to take to a dressmaker to get it professionally done. I was able to temporarily fix the side seams and hemline without much bother, but the bust as always caused problems.

I found the only way I could do it with out buggering up the whole dress was to safety-pin a bust dart in the neckline and cover it with me-made pretty matching flower!

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Flower Brooch

The flower was a lot of fun to make, I’ve been saving all my scraps since so I can make more.

Of course, with a stole like this it’s hard to get the picture without actually having it on: fortunately I’ve taken such a long time trying to take my own that the official wedding snaps have been processed. 😀

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin Stole and Flower Brooch: On Model

Now it is folded away in storage until I should need a lovely cream stole again. Thanks to Missy, it now has a few thread snags from when it was hanging in the lounge room after we returned home and she decided to try climbing it.

Joke’s on her, it fell on the floor so now she believes hanging fabric is not stable for climbing. WIN!

Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin Skirt

With the remaining metres of the red satin fabric from the Red Satin Stole, I made the Red Satin Skirt!

Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin Skirt

This was from my Kwik Sew Pattern 3381, the longer version. I still love using the waistband technique from this pattern.

Unfortunately I cut the pattern to big and this sits quite low on my hips, making it to long. I could just shorten the hem and take the sides in a smidge, but I still suck terribly at rolled hems to the point in considering outsourcing them…

Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin Skirt

However with invisible zips I’m all good and happy! 😀

Sew 2012 #018: Red Satin Stole

In Melbourne spring has certainly sprung today and while I’m sure we’ll still have a few cold winter-flashback days, summer is on its way. I woke up this morning determined to clear some creative space and bombard you with a creativity!

I collected my pile of finished and un-photographed sewing projects and headed into the garden. Ideally I wanted to have pictures of me demonstrating their use but some of these items have been waiting for their 15 minutes for over a year. I found a suitable tree and got snapping – the result is a two-month line-up of finished sewing projects!!

Without further ado, first up is the Red Satin Stole.

Sew 2012 #018: Red Satin Stole

For months I’d known about an important upcoming event – my little brother’s wedding! I had dreams of making a not-so wonderful dress (don’t want to outshine the bride you know!) but alas it was not to be. As the day grew nearer I knew I’d have to go for a store bought dress but I still wanted to have an element of my outfit me-made.

Out came meters of red satin from my stash! Meters and meters of it! And on my computer up came the fabulous Weekend Designer’s satin stole! To work I got, and only a few small hours later I procured this wonderful garment.

Sew 2012 #018: Red Satin Stole

I was very delighted with the results, and my first attempt at a bound button hole style. I did modify it to be a little simpler as I think I made it too narrow to get the button hole lips to sit in a charming way.

As it happened, the dress I ultimately decided to wear was navy blue, and there was no way in the world I was going to wear red and blue together in Newcastle. So I had to make another stole, and I knew just what I’d alter to make it even more fantastic…

Stay tuned for Sew 2012 #020!

Sew 2012 #014: Super Cape-let

Learning to sew has quickly become one of my most favourite things to do. I love the creativity, the satisfaction, the challenges, and the fact you can do it alone or with friends, whatever you feel like. I especially love how I can now look at a piece of clothing and work out what I’d need to do to recreate it. This is one of those pieces, and possibly my all-time favourite of things I’ve made so far:

A double breasted woolen cape-let. YES, I am that awesome.

The original cape-let was a lovely blue goat-wool with wooden buttons belonging to a woman I work with. When she walked past me in the office I practically pounced on her and said how cute it was, and immediately started petting the caplet (note this is much easier to do when everyone knows you are sanely eccentric.). Knowing that I am teaching myself to sew, she told me I could borrow it and take a pattern from it. My little eyes widened and I tried in vain to conceal a squeal.

A few days later she dropped the blue cape-let on my desk. Something this special can’t be kept away for long, so I took the pattern that night. Then, because it was Wednesday, I had to wait two whole days before I could cut into the awesome woolly-like fabric I got from an opshop a few months ago.

Because the opshop wool was a bit scratchy, I thought it better to add lining. I found this awesome sheer purple satin on a trip to Sydney and thought it would be just the ticket.

I am still pondering about the buttons. These are the same metal buttons as what I used on A New Year’s Dress, except in creamy white. They came from my Great Grandmother’s button stash so they could be very old indeed! For this reason I may replace them later to use on something else, or at the very least version two of this wonderful cape-let.

There are few wrinkles to work out. Because I didn’t have instructions, I had to make up my own construction method – and I think I did an okay job at that. Adding lining was a little difficult as the original didn’t have any at all – so I had to make that up completely. And lastly, something went seriously funny when it came to attached the neckband to the body of the cloak… I had to take the back seam in two whole inches to make it fit!! I strongly suspect this was due to adding too much seam allowance and then sewing too close to the cut line… The only way to know for sure is to make version two!

I have visions of cashmere ’40s length pencil dresses with matching cape-lets… in black and moss green so far…

Stay excited!

Unpredictability and Fabric


The Force was with me this month and I’ve been really busy and pretty productive. However not particularly productive with crafty business, so I haven’t had much to say there. But not to worry, there’s been no shortage of ideas!

Just so I don’t feel like I’ve neglected May 2012, I’m sharing my third-ever Instagram pic above! Awww!!

I wouldn’t say it holds a candle to any other of the awesome Instagram pics I’ve seen, but what is does show is AWESOME FABRIC I GOT FROM AN OP SHOP FOR $15 TODAY AND GUESS WHAT THERE’S 6.5 METRES OF IT!!!

*does a little dance*

As I was walking away from the shop and back to the office job my mind stopped whirring when it reached the conclusion:

40s-Length Pencil Dress with matching 3/4-Length Jacket.

Oh yeah.

Sew 2012 #007 Revisited: Love Me -Not- Dress

Remember the Love Me Not Dress? I think it just became the Love Me Not Dress! I feel so adorable!

I’ve been incredibly busy these last few weeks. Too busy. I think I have to start seriously planning blocks of time for sewing and crochet. And start saying No. Ah, the perils of being Fantastic.

This is also why I haven’t had a completed dress project to post about in a while. It makes me a little sad. So that’s why I picked up the abandoned Love Me -Not- Dress and considered one evening, Is it really so bad as to be abandoned?

As it turned out, no! A few take-ins there and a proper hem, snip of the extra zip bit and now I have a perfectly wearable tea dress! Just don’t look too closely 😉

You might also remember the Polyvore ensemble I put up a few weeks ago. See where I was going there? Hehe! I still have more ideas, and the aqua wig must be taken out sometime soon 🙂

Stay funky!

A Successful Christmas Party Black Tie Outfit

My holidays have officially started! A wonderful time of year. I’ll be relaxing with Sweeheart, family and friends over the next few days and having an all-round lovely time. Today I have time for one last pre-Christmas post (and possibly the last post for 2011!)

In the spirit of Christmas parties, I have to show you what happened for the Black Tie Christmas Party I mentioned earlier! Well, the night was lovely with great food and people. All the boys were wearing their bow ties and looked delightful, but I know you really want to know how my out fit turned out…

Ooh aren’t they tantalising fabrics. Black and cream satin, and burgundy sequins. Just how did they all go together?

I already had the dress, and the wrap my Nana made me for my Year 11 dance (yes, Year 11 dance, go figure.)

On Beverley’s advice, I decided to make the Kwik Sew 3381 skirt. So glad I did! The cream satin I had bought turned out to be a bit stiffer than I’d like, so the skirt had a decidedly cone look when I put it on, but it wasn’t bad. Sew and learn. However, it did come out to big! To work around this for the evening I added a lovely button to the waist to bring it in a bit, so I’ll have to go back to this skirt and work that out  sometime.

I’m very happy with this project! I was so simple and quick to make, I finished it in 4 hours. I will probably be quicker next time now I know what I’m doing!

After all that, I’m sure you’re dying to see the complete ensemble… well, genius and last-minute-getting-ready-er person that I am, there are no photos. But there will be!! I want to do another shoot with Sweetheart soon and this outfit will be one we shoot. Until then, I have put together this wonderful drawing using the fabric photos to show you:

I did also wear eyes to the event. I felt so glamorous!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, have a happy and safe holiday!