Look look oh my goodness I actually made something.

I made the sad realisation tonight that my last few posts have been promises and nothing more. That makes me sad. But no more! Tonight I deliver!

In all honesty while the last few months have been busy and not a lot of fun, I’ve had serious misconceptions about my crafty space. I’ve had to move my sewing room from upstairs to downstairs, and in doing so lost cupboard storage space. I have plans to fix it but as yet no time or budget. I know what I want do. So when I am away from home my crafty space looks like this:

IKEA Australia

Or sometimes this:

IKEA Australia

So I get excited about the things I want to make. Then when I get home, I’m confronted by this:

The Nightmare before the Sewing Room

Most of the time, this is where it ends. I go to bed or start another crochet thing when I really should be continuing on with one I started last week. Or the day before. Or three weeks ago.

There has however been the rare moment when something gets made and finished despite the mess. Case in point, you can see one such finished item precariously resting upon Mount Mess on the Velvet Tablelands.

I present: Things!

Things on Wall

While wandering Youtube one night I found this video and thought yeah I can do that. So I picked up an old book the next time I was in an Op Shop and went about making it over a few weeks.

Here they are on the Wall:

Things 1 & 2

My photos are appalling. Nothing was going to stop me from posting tonight, even appalling photos. I did try to make them a bit arty with some Instagramy-type filers and some creative cropping in Photoshop. Hopefully the artiness hides a bit of how appalling the photos are.

Thing 1

The book sat in the office for a few days before I started this little project. One day Sweetheart picked it up and asked me where I found the book. I said op shop and that I intend to mutilate it. He told me he had read it years ago and thought it was his. I assured him it was not his. It was decided I would proceed with my plans to quash its current form.

Thing Close-up

I do quite like them, though I’m not confident about their long-term survival. While the video touts them as Christmas decorations, I tried not to make mine too Christmas-y. I stuck hair combs on the back but I’m not sure if this takes anything away from their seasonal biases or turns the wearer into a living Christmas decoration. Time will tell I guess.

So there you have it! Something I made AND posted about! I’m looking forward to making so much more. Oh how I’ve missed this 😀

Stay focused!


The Saga of the Happy Hat: Part 1

Talk about a saga. It started off well enough:

Lovely firm hat. Very happy.

Then it got to a size where I could try it on and that’s when it dawned on me that there is a reason patterns state a guage and why you should probably try getting your stitch as close to the gauge size as possible.

Pattern said 2.5mm hook. What is didn’t say is that this is a good hook size for making a hat for Felix, if he doesn’t mind his ears being flattened. Which apparently he does.

Ok. So I upped the hook size to 3mm and started making a hat from a hat. I tried this one on at a similar stage as the photo above. It could get it on, so I finished the hat. But it looked too small and silly.

So then I tried again with a 3.5mm hook. When the hat started to curve into the cup for the head, I started to worry it was going to be too big. Soldier on I said to myself. A hat too big is better than a hat too small.

Today the in-progress Happy Hat sits in my New Yarn Stash Cupboard in my New Sewing Room in my New Home. I’m not ready to look at it again yet. Since this hat already has its name I’d better be happy when I finish it!

I’d like to post a finished project, but it seems I’ve run out at the moment. Not to worry though, I’m on a sewing spree this week and wait till you see how busy I’ve been!

Stay happy!

Rainbow Awesomeness in the form of Crochet Hat and Scarf: Another Completed Project

I think this photo pretty much captures it all.

I fell in yarn-love and bought a gazillion balls. No plan, it was just pure, unadulterated yarn-love. Then I started making a scarf. Then I realised the scarf needed a matching hat. Then I saw this pattern. Then I made it.

Then we had to go out for Tea and Scones on a Windy and Cold Day.

The End.

Completed Crochet Project: Rosie Pinecone Delicacy Beret and Grandma Punk One Mitt

Sometimes, nothing calms you like a nice cup of tea. Sometimes, you have to take it to the next level and complete an entire hat in one eight-hour sitting letting said cup of tea go cold.


I absolutely freaking love this hat!!

Feeling a bit down, I hunted through my stash for one of my Special Yarns. I hadn’t imagined what Rosie, a lovely soft 8ply handspun alpaca yarn, would become when I bought it. As the months passed I thought it might make a nice hat. So I hunted around on Ravelry and found a few nice patterns, but decided to give this one a try.

Now I wasn’t too sold on the hat in the picture but thought it was still nice enough. As it happens, mine turned out a bit bigger and floppier which I love! The floppiness of my version demanded a pom-pom, to which I obliged. I made it on three fingers on my left hand, so when I cut it it came out with a funky pine cone shape 😀


Hat being finished, I still had a nice amount of yarn left. I thought I could probably make a pair of fingerless wrist-lets with it to match. Amateur thought wrong. I could make ONE fingerless wrist-let to match.


It’s pretty neat. I like it. The One Mitt will forever be an individual. That’s what makes it Punk. Because I said so.

See how matchy-matchy they are!

Here’s an arty shot from the back:

And here it is in action, with Grandma Punk One Mitt Style Fist Shaking:

I was trying to look mean and punk. Failure is always an option I guess.

Stay happy!

Pixie Beret: A Crochet Hat

After finishing the Ultra-mega Scarf Blanket, I had some yarn left. Really I was saving it so I could make something else 😀


Still in the mood for improvisation, I winged this beret and learned a funny thing about working with wool: It stretches a lot.

So by the time I finished this little hat, it was sliding off my head. Never fear, a little hair clip and elastic and problem solved!


Just like the Ultra-mega Scarf Blanket, it’s also really warm 🙂


Stay cool!

Adventure Time Finn Hat feat. Kidney John


Halloween has just passed, and a few months ago I made an Adventure Time Finn Hat just for kicks. How are these two related? Kidney John took the hat for Halloween!

Making costumes is fun. One more reason why I must get back to sewing soon 🙂

Be silly!

SSS’11 Day 3 & 4: Crocheted Scarf and a Me-Made Necklace

More gorgeous Spring weather this weekend! I found it somewhat difficult to adjust on Saturday and ended up wearing to many clothes, so my Me-Made scarf spent most of the day in my bag. Look how lovely the day was:

Canberra is most beautiful when the seasons are changing and these trees are everywhere. If you look hard you can see my scarf! But here’s a closer shot:

I crocheted this from a simple pattern when I was first learning from some lovely natural coloured alpaca wool I picked at a market one weekend. My hat was also a bit of a DIY, if you can say that – I tied a piece of lace around the top and added the clip… 🙂

In the afternoon, Sweetheart wanted to go for a drive in the country again. On route, I wanted to take a few shots of my scarf in an arty way, so we pulled over and arranged it on a barbed wire fence!

I only got two shots before a highway patrol car drove past us very slowly… But I think they were more amused than anything 🙂

On Sunday, I got to start a new beading project (more creative compulsion) before Sweetheart wanted to go on a Father’s Day drive so our cat would buy him a present. I don’t object to this, because it means Felix buys me a present on Mother’s Day. He’s a very considerate cat.

Again I decided to throw on something simple and this time combined one of my Me-Made necklaces with a few other store-bought ones 🙂 I love this colour combination. Can you tell which one I made?

Stay creative!


Inspirational Stash Moment: Adventure Time Finn Hat

Usually and somehow, I am under a rock when it comes to Internet viral trends. For all the time I spend on a computer you would think otherwise. Anywho, this one came to me via Kidney John (and it wasn’t even meant for me…).

That’s so easy! And I have white teddy bear fabric in my stash I’ve been wondering what I’d do with! Trouble is with no printer, I’ll have to guesstimate the pattern, but I’ve had some practice at that now.

What’s it all about? A new TV show – here’s the first episode: