Knitting Machine: Singer MemoMatic 323 and Ribber Attachment


Something I’ve noticed since becoming crafty is how much other people enjoy me being crafty. It seems bizarre to me, but in a nice way!

Crochet at the train station and strangers smile and ask what you’re working on. Leave a button and half-done sewing project on the coffee table and visitors ask about its status. Invariable it comes with a story about their grandma or how they could never finish something like that – this used to puzzle me but now I quite enjoy it.

Another side effect I’ve also noticed and like is friends who I’ve had for years pick up crafty projects with me and try new crafty things to show me. For years I didn’t even know they were crafty themselves!

So all this could be an intro for a post about how crafting can change your life and open a whole new world for you blah blah but that’s too obvious. What it is an intro for is a conspiracy.

ShandiShan and Sweetheart conspired to buy me a knitting machine for Christmas.



“A what what? But you don’t even knit! What are you supposed to do with one of those?” you cry. Well, that’s what I thought. And here is the reason for my hesitation: I don’t knit because I can’t. Not a mental oh-come-on-give-it-a-go-it’s-easy kind of can’t, more of a it-gives-me-intense-pain-in-my-right-shoulder-after-half-an-hour kind of can’t. This is thanks to an old injury which also means I can’t do things like scrub bathroom floors (‘Aww…’ you say,), paint walls and ceilings (‘Poor you.’) and play contact sports (FYI that one actually does suck.).

So you can imagine how it pleased me when I found that crochet didn’t give me the same complications.

Knowing my love for woolly things, Sweetheart gifted me the knitting machine in hope I can knit with it instead. But checking out the videos tells me it uses the kind of motion that caused the injury in the first place, so I still can’t knit…

Bah humbug.

“Oh.” Sweetheart said. “Well, you can still set it up and design things on it and I’ll do the side-side actions. We can make things together!”

And so my interest in this knitting machine contraption grows. Now to learn how to use it!

I’m well aware it’s a conspiracy so Sweetheart can have more knitted jumpers.

So far my attempts have resulted in rectangles of various sizes.


In the example below I had planned to graduate from test swatches but Sweetheart got over excited with the side to side action and broke the yarn at 221 rows. Oh wells.

Stay happy!


Look look! Beautiful Beaded Crochet and Knitting Stitch-markers

I am well an truly in love with crochet. I can see it’s going to be in my life for many years to come. And now I have real-life friends who also crochet and internet friends who share inspiration, I’ve got so much creative crochet goodness to go round.

And so I was pondering the crafty shops around my workplace recently. I thought, you know, paper clips are cool and all, but I think it’s time to graduate to stunningly beautiful stitch markers (though I think paper clip stitch markers are here to stay too!). I took myself over to the bead shop.

Now when I was researching this little project I found that there is actually a difference between crochet stitch markers and knitting stitch markers. ย Knit markers don’t have to beย removable, but crochet markers MUST beย removable, lest they live forever in your finished project. Well, lateral thinking solves all kinds of problems.

Behold, Morgan’s Beautiful Crochet and Knitting Stitch-markers in Shandii flavour:

Here there are in Karasaurus flavour:

And finally in Morgan flavour:

Plus, they can all double as earrings in a pinch! ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope Karasaurus and Shandii like their presents ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay creative!

Come Join The Blanket Project – Crochet/Knit-along

Where there’s craftiness, there’s usually lots of craftiness!! YAY!!!

Discovering how AWESOME being crafty is has a snowball effect. You start making copious amount of stuff. Then other people start doing it too. Then you all think it would be fun to get a group going and Shandii of Shandii Craft starts a Facebook Group for Blankets!!

Sadly, your Blankets cannot join due to their inanimate nature. But YOU can! To join our blanket-making snowball and do some hookin’ and a stitchin’ along with us,ย message me on Facebookย and let me know.

In Shandii’s small group, we’re each creating a blanket of our own choice. You can pick a blanket you’ve just started or start a new one, it’s all fun!

My blanket, I had to make some decisions there. I found a lovely pattern I’d like to make, but *DISASTER* we have a current freeze on yarn-buying in my house! So I headed to my Yarn Cupboard and found my old Blanket Polka yarn.

Colours so pretty.

I hadn’t realised I never got very far with it at all. Here’s one of only two spots:

I did however do some Math over on Ravelry. To get my blanket with the right amount of spots, I figured some kind of Golden Rule application might work well:

  • 1 x spot of 7 rounds ย done!
  • 3 x spots ofย 6 roundsย 1 out of 3 done!
  • 5 x spots ofย 5 rounds
  • 7 x spots ofย 4 rounds
  • 9 x spots ofย 3 rounds
  • 11 x spots ofย 2 rounds
  • 13 x spots ofย 1 round

Yeah! Time to get hookin’! (like I wasn’t already…!)

Stay spotty!

My Handmade Scarf #7: Red Knit

This scarf is very street. It’s unpretentious. It’s says ‘I’m for one thing – warming necks. Screw style’.

And that, in itself, makes it style.

Nothing more to it than that.

Thanks Grandma. Another job well done.

My Handmade Scarf #4: Dr Rainbow

Here’s another old favourite my late grandmother made for me. I started this along with the Mega Long White Knit Scarf, but Grandma didn’t frog this one. She simply tut-tuted my amatuer joining technique and carried on for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Nearly every time I wear it someone asks if it’s my Dr Who scarf… which drew a blank on me the first few times! I didn’t know he had one, and now that I actually look at it I wonder why people think it’s similar… :/ (In my searches though I did find this awesome site about making your own Dr Who Scarf!!)

So now, this is not a Dr Who scarf. However, I did make it to help me feel happy on drab days so it is indeed my Dr Rainbow Scarf.

I do love it, but its made of acrylic yarn so it’s not particularly nice on the skin. Maybe this year I crochet myself the adult version of it ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay happy

My Handmade Scarf #2: Mega Long White Knit

Whilst being extraordinarily busy with my ‘new’ job my sewing table has been left untouched. This leaves me a little anxious that I don’t have any new projects to show you, but I know that when I do they will be properly worthy of your patience!

In the meantime, here is another from my handmade scarf collection. I started this myself a long time ago, but when I realised I was not going to finish it I gave it to my grandma who frogged it and started it again.

This scarf is sooo long it must be wrapped several times so it doesn’t touch the ground. I love it!