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My handmade store’s humble beginnings started in my much loved yard in the sun. With no office job at the moment, I needed something to keep me happy and crafting has always been it! Miss dreamed up one of my favourite first designs while having a nap…


Bloom where you are planted!

Silence is golden,
Ignorance is bliss.
If that’s what it’s about,
I’ll give it a miss!
A poem by me, Morgan Sin!

I was compelled to write something today, just because. I could come up with reasons; I had energy, I felt creative, I want to post regularly again, I want to craft more; but mostly just because!

This blog has fallen silent for quite some time as some blogs often do. Nothing wrong with that. This has always been an outlet for my personal creative passions and sadly I’ve lacked the opportunities to make time for these things. I physically, mentally and emotionally crashed, like I do every few years, but this time I decided to find out why.

And find out I did! It’s been a journey, and I’m still on it. It hasn’t always been a happy one, but it has been a successful one and will continue to be! So what did I find out? I have ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s hypothyroiditis. I’m a spoonie! Yay!

Why the hell would I be happy about this? Well I wasn’t. And I’m still rather not. But I have accepted these diagnoses now, and it all makes a hell of a lot of sense. I am happy that I am only mildly affected – sure there are days when I getting out of bed is just not going to happen, but I know it’s only going to be a few weeks or months and I’ll be on top of my world again.

Hindsight is a glorious thing. I apply what I know about myself now to every time I’ve been disappointed with myself is the past and every thing makes sense. Everything.

With finding out what is happening with me and accepting it, I’m now concentrating on learning about these illnesses and how to live with them. So between holding down my day job, resting and recovering, there isn’t much time left for crafting – yet. 😀

Something that has really struck me while learning and observing how other people cope with these illnesses is how it takes over their lives. I get it, I really do: the non-stop muscle pain, the fatigue that 40 hours of sleep doesn’t shake, all-consuming brain fog, every single annoying symptom that stops you doing what you know you can do. These symptoms, the confusion and lack of hard scientific evidence about the illnesses are more than enough to drive any one, let alone spoonies, to the point where living with these illnesses and others like it becomes and obsession.

I don’t want to be like that. And happily, thankfully, gratefully, I don’t have to be. I’m only mildly affected, and my heart goes out to those who suffer these illnesses more than I do.

Since finding out about my diagnoses six months ago and finally accepting them three weeks ago, I’ve done a lot of creative writing, soul-searching and researching in between working, resting and sleeping. Have I lost any friends over it? I don’t know yet. But I do know my life is changing, forever, and for the better.

Never fear though, this blog will remain! Eventually I’ll recover enough to craft again and start posting again. I might even start posting about food again – I haven’t done that on here in how long?! I hope that by recovering (from what I now know to be an ME relapse) and keeping this blog going, I can be one more person to show it is possible to live a happy life without being consumed by life-long chronic illness.

In closing, here’s a pic that pretty much sums up how I feel about all this. My Agave plants are some beautifully tough plants but should you happen leave them outside in a Melbourne hailstorm, they will get damage that takes months to heal – if they heal at all. Nonetheless, they will grow new and more beautiful leaves once in a safe place. That’s me, growing my new leaves in my new safe place!

My Agave plant sums up how I feel about my myalgic encephalopathy and fibromyalgis diagnoses! :D

Stay happy!  😀

Oh My Gosh Melbourne!

Hello, I’m still alive! Still living life, organising myself (and Sweetheart!) and generally getting things done. I’ve been pretty quiet these last few weeks in pretty much every area – it seems like ages ago I packed up the Star Anise Blanket and started to move house.

Well, we have now moved house. We haven’t unpacked, so I’m not sure exactly where the Star Anise Blanket is now, but it’s here somewhere, there are just soooo many boxes! But I know that’s not news, it’s pretty normal for moving houses.

But what is news, and I am kinda OMG REALLY excited to say is: We now live in Melbourne!!! OMGYAYCOOLAWESOMELETSGOOUTANDPARTY!

Felix doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion on the move but is adjusting fast to his new home. His new garden is so fantastic I’m considering starting a garden diary here. It’s that Awesome.

I am so excited to move back to my most favourite city in Australia. I do feel like I’ve come home. What’s more I’m working from home at the moment and whenever I look out the window to solve a problem, I break out in smiles because I’m home. That, and the view:


In all this business, I have very little Craftiness to report on. I did make some hats for family, but in the craziness of it all I didn’t get photos before I gave them to their owners. Oh well. Next time we meet for tea then.

Sweetheart and I are currently enjoying our first ‘relaxing’ weekend at home in a few weeks. It’s nice to not have to go anywhere for a day or two. I’m hoping I can get through some of my 145 unread emails and 702 unread blog posts… and get a few more boxes unpacked!

Stay happy!